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Shout is an app that lets you combine and share content through organized and curated lists

Shout is a new Google Chrome and iOS extension. It allows users to create and share lists, not unlike an Amazon Wish List.


You make me wanna Shout… and share my content!

Shout is a new Google Chrome and iOS extension. It allows users to create and share lists, not unlike an Amazon Wish List.

However, Shout is a bit more sophisticated than a wall of text and pictures. It also does not pertain to shopping sites exclusively. The new app developed by KYA, can be used with almost anything found on the web and users can send what they find to others.

It’s a new way to allocate information about a list of great restaurants in a city or maybe it could be a technique to combine sources for an education-related project.

How to create lists with Shout

Interestingly enough, the app works on both desktop and mobile platforms.

To get Shout, download it on which ever platform you’re familiar with. Whether it be iOS or via the Chrome extension. After the this obvious step is out of the way, Shout is ready to go. If it is being used on a iPhone or iPad, the user will touch the app to open it. From there, with an interface similar to a mobile news website, the user can start loading up their lists of whatever they would like to share. The desktop extension is similar to a “bookmark” tab found on the popular web browser.

Shout’s ability to curate and make lists of content to share with others is easily it’s best feature. The user can design a list to be as random as possible, full of silly GIFs and memes. However, one of Shout’s best-featured aspects is the ability to organize. The app/extension’s lists can be renamed and shared amongst other users. Other people can add to your lists too.

Shout is now available on two major downloadable stores

shout lists

Any major app/extension being released is usually multi-platform. Shout is no different, as it is supported by both iOS and Google Chrome. It can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Chrome Web Store.

Shout is a fresh app for those looking to share content with other users who are searching for something new. Make a list of sushi places nearby. Or of silly articles related to politicians. Or maybe just a bunch of videos of dogs being cute.


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