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Coming to grab all your attention is the SX Mini Q Class

SX Mini Q Class

Everyone wants something new and latest to use as we notice that technology is advancing at a faster pace. Therefore, if you are tired of using your old E-cig then it is the right moment for you to shift to the SX Mini Q Class.

Manufactured with the latest SX450 chip that provides the Q mod e-cig with a 200-watt temperature control will astound you. This high-tech device will provide you with the best vaping experience because of the extraordinary features it is equipped with.

The moment I got my hands on this device, it instantly grabbed all my attention and I forgot about all my old vaping devices that I have come across. Remarkable, high tech, pure flavor and extraordinary are the words that explain it. I am glad to share my experience of using the sx mini q class:

  • Its stainless steel body with the 510-connector device is a feature not found on any device. It gives an elegant appearance with the ergonomic design that makes it very easy to carry. It will not be a burden in your pocket that is amazing.
  • Testing the device I found out that it allows you to set any tank you prefer that make it a customizable device. Voltage compatible tanks are the best, as they will provide you with the best performance.
  • Sx mini q class provides with the maximum precision because of the installation of nickel, stainless steel, and titanium wires. This makes the temperature control accessible to a new level.
  • I was astounded when I came across its protective settings that make it possible to avoid overheating, short circuit and other voltage related problems.  
  • When I got the chance to test its battery life I will say one word REMARKABLE. With the dual battery system, it will provide you with an amazing output of 200-Watts. Thus, it will be your best companion while you are traveling and there is no place to charge your vaping device.
  • With the 212 to 572-degree temperature range, it is providing a wide range of adjustable temperature to heating the vape.


While using the SX Mini Q Class I came across the following advantages that it provided me with:

  • The 5 special adjustable modes
  • The pure and clean smoke with the perfect flavor
  • The smart taste controls technology
  • The protection enabled
  • to 9.5 output voltage
  • The OLED screen installation

Summing things up

You can buy it from as they posted that Q Class will be available within 5 to 10 days. If you are looking for a latest vaping device then you must give sx mini q class a chance. Learning from my experience it will provide you with the extraordinary vaping experience. Therefore, I suggest you spend your money of the right device and buy the sx mini q class.

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