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The contributions of technology to the development of cannabis industry

Cannabis has come a long way and the proof is in the pudding. For example, technology. Here’s how cannabis is shaping up the tech industry.

cannabis technology

Owing to the increasing decriminalization of cannabis, the involvement of technology sector is becoming bolder and more relevant than ever before.  Various legal reforms have encouraged the active participation of Technology enterprises in the advancement of different areas of cannabis operations. Technology affects every area of cannabis which encompasses production, distribution and eventual consumption of the plant. With the contributions of technology, cannabis growth is projected to hit as much as $218 billion in the year 2020.

Tech for Cultivation

The involvement of technology is becoming very instrumental in the various areas of cannabis operations and has been particularly beneficial in the area of growing cannabis. Technology has assisted the cultivation of cannabis while helping to overcome traditional problems that encumber that posed an enormous challenge for growers while impacting negatively on the efficacy of their efforts. Various contributions of technology in the forms of lighting arrays, computerized sensors, automated vents, have dramatically enhanced the production of cannabis. Technology through greenhouse has made it considerably easier to meet up with the requirements of well-adjusted light, temperature, and humidity that allow the plant to flourish and produce large quantities. While greenhouse is an ancient agricultural invention, technology has heightened the level of accuracy and efficacy of the greenhouse in the cultivation of cannabis with mind-blowing results.

Lab Testing

Technology has offered tremendous assistance in the area of testing.  It was very difficult and almost impossible to identify the various strains of cannabis and their therapeutic benefits. However, technology has completely eliminated the challenge, making it easy to determine the exact strain of cannabis which is an indispensable requirement when using cannabis for curative and therapeutic purposes.  Testing has helped to uncover the distinctive medicinal effects of various strains, which has been leveraged to push for the decriminalization of cannabis.

The Age of Apps

The introduction of applications has offered an unprecedented level of accuracy in the use of cannabis plants.  Applications facilitate the suitable and beneficial consumption of cannabis plant. The apps would provide you with adequate information that helps you identify which strain offers a suitable and effective cure to your health condition. Owing to the fact that there is an extensive assortment of cannabis strains, apps would help you utilize cannabis effectively, giving you accurate details on how to consume the plant, the right quantities, and methods.

Delivery apps put control in the hands of the buyers, making it remarkably convenient to order cannabis and also allow customers to review various pharmacies. Another advancement in this area includes the online delivery avenues which expedite the search and purchase of cannabis even when you are making a purchase form a different state.

Medical Technology

Technological advancement in the area of medicine has improved the therapeutic uses of cannabis in ways that allow the drug to serve as an effective cure for a variety of health conditions.  More than ever before, technology has made it very easy to identify the right kind of strain for a peculiar health condition that would produce desirable results.

Smoke evolution

In the area of consumption, smoking cannabis is not exactly favorable which is why technology continues to provide improved Vaping tools for healthy consumption of cannabis. Technology continues to provide interesting ways to Vape which is a much safer and beneficial way to consume cannabis.

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