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Cosmic Watch lets you discover the fascinating relation between time and the cosmos

Tired of your boring watch or pretty much anything that tells you time? Cosmic Watch provides a refreshing alternative to time.

Cosmic Watch App

Cosmic watch is the worlds first and most advanced interactive 3D astronomical time device in the digital age.

A watch is a watch most people will say, but there are those that stand out for their style, quality, and design. However, there are a few watches that provides features which are not only useful today, but provide a better understanding of the world around us. The Cosmic Watch is a revolutionary iOS and Android app that tells its user more than just the time, it brings an understanding of the world and the universe in which we all reside. Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Cosmic Watch App?

It’s an app that shows you the local time no matter where you are in the world. All you need to do is select a place depicted on the globe and the time in that location will be indicated. However, the global watch is much more than just a timepiece, it also has the following features;

  • Armillary Sphere
  • Astronomical Navigator
  • Eclipse Detector
  • Radix Chart
  • Solar System Simulator
  • Time Travel Machine & More

The Cosmic Watch app does so many things thanks to being the first 3D astronomical time app crafted for the digital age. In addition to being the first, it is also the most advanced which means that it offers plenty of features that will be useful to the traveler as well as those who want to travel around the world.

Why Choose the Cosmic Watch App?


This is really an app that models on the Earth, the solar system, and the constellations that are seen in the night sky all presented in a 3D world. This means that their relationship can be demonstrated for today or at any point in the past.

Instant Time Check: Is there an event you want to watch that happens in a different part of the world? You can check instantly the time at that location to better understand the conditions that exist at that moment. It’s also helpful when planning a trip to a faraway location.

Future Events: If you are interested when the next eclipse of the sun will take place or other celestial event, the Cosmic Watch offers that information to you. Now you can better plan your night time viewing of the stars or prepare for the next solar eclipse near your location.

Learning Tool: For kids and adults who want a better understanding of the dynamics between the earth, the solar system, and the constellations, this is a marvellous tool that will help broaden your knowledge in a fun, exciting way. You’ll get to see the relationship play out in real time or in any time in the past so that you can travel back to the day you were born or a historical event.

The Cosmic Watch app provides you with more than just the time, it provides an understanding of how time work based on the progressions that include the Earth’s orbit around the sun, the relationship to the solar system, and how distant stars help mark the passage of time. For those with an interest in learning more about time, the planets, and stars, the Cosmic Watch is for you.

Cosmic Watch

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