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Crash Bandicoot goes multiplayer in Crash Team Rumble

A brand new direction for the loveable franchise.

crash team rumble
Image: Activision / Toys for Bob

For the first time, Crash is going multiplayer in Crash Team Rumble.

Revealed at The Game Awards yesterday, Crash Team Rumble is a 4v4 battle game where you join up with three other players to take on another team of real people.

The object is simple: run around the battle map and gather up as many fruits as you can as a team.

At the same time, you must defend your enemy’s goal and stop them from depositing more fruits than you.

You’ll be able to choose from all of your favorite characters. Crash, Coco, Dingodile, and Dr. Cortex are just a few of the characters you can choose from.

Each one has a special ability to help you gather and defend the Wumpa fruits.

Crash Team Rumble will be made by Toys for Bob, the studio behind Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

It’s coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023.

crash team rumble arena
Battle arena in Crash Team Rumble (Image: Activision / Toys for Bob)

The traditional Crash Bandicoot platformer style was amazing for its time. But its time was decades ago.

It’s nice to see the loveable IP sticking around with a brand-new format that could revitalize the beloved characters.

For us grandparents of gaming, Crash Bandicoot is a legend that will forever live on as we continue to buy nostalgic remakes.

Maybe some of today’s gaming generation can grow an appreciation for Crash and friends with Crash Team Rumble.

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