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Crypto news predictions can’t get enough of Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, and Hedera

These three crptocurrencies are making a big slash recently.

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Looking back at the last few years, cryptocurrencies are arguably one of the biggest agents of change that the global financial services industry has seen.

Initially considered too risky for an average investor, these blockchain-powered assets have unleashed a host of options for investors that give them an edge over traditional finance instruments.

Cryptocurrencies eliminate third-party intervention from institutions like banks and brokerage firms, so your investments are safe from unexpected charges.

Besides, users can enjoy secure trading experiences with data privacy and transparent frameworks. And lastly, as the sustained rally in cryptocurrency prices has shown, these assets have a lot of potential that the world is just waking up to.

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Moreover, there is much to choose from, be it your regular cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, or meme coins.

However, if you are a rookie investor who can’t figure out whether to invest in a cryptocurrency token or a meme coin, an ideal strategy would be to start with research.

You can research some of the leading names like Ethereum (ETH) and Hedera (HBAR), as well as a promising new contender, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), before making your decision.

Big Eyes Coin: accelerating adoption of DeFi solutions for wealth generation

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Image: Big Eyes

Big Eyes Coin is a blockchain-based platform that enables users to switch to Decentralised Finance (DeFi) solutions for income generation.

It also has a native token, BIG, that can be used for staking, liquidity pool provisioning and earning rewards, and other similar transactional purposes. 

The total supply of the BIG Token is 200,000,000,000 units, and interested buyers will be able to purchase it on presale. No taxes will be levied on these tokens’ purchases or sales.

Also, 90% of the tokens will be reserved for presale – 70% for public presale, and 20% via exchanges. The remaining 10% is divided equally between the marketing wallet and 5% for charitable purposes.

The platform, however, does levy a 10% tax on NFT trading. Of the tax proceeds, 4% will be distributed among original sellers. Additionally, 5% among BIG Token holders and the remaining 1% will be dedicated to charitable causes. 

A distinct feature of the BIG token is that it has an auto burn function wherein the tokens are burned regularly. The process ensures that the supply of the token stays scarce and there are minimal price fluctuations.

Big Eyes Coin has a dynamic tax structure that facilitates changes so that charges for services like the usage of marketing wallet, liquidity pool acquisition, and auto-burn functions can be accommodated.

Also, users interested in purchasing the BIG token do not have to pay for such transactions. For NFT trading, Big Eyes Coin will undertake all efforts possible to push its NFTs to the global Top 10 list.

Moreover, it will organize NFT events regularly, and any profits from such events will first be put to a burn or not to burn vote.

The Big Eyes team is led by TopCat or PawZilla, who has an unmatched ambition, and the technical side of the platform is handled by TechCat or CatNipper.

All issues related to the Big Token are looked after by HypeCat or Hypurrr. Meanwhile, CatSuits and TenPaws look after the daily operations, and LawCat or CatsEyes ensures that the platform doesn’t run into any legal trouble. 

Big Eyes Coin will dedicate a portion of its finances and token supply to marketing activities. These activities will include partnerships with social media influencers to ramp up the platform’s reach.

The Big Eyes Coin team will be leveraging its community’s expertise and innovation to spread the word about the platform.

Under its efforts to liberalize access to DeFi, Big Eyes will make learning about the protocols easier and simpler with its features like Big Eyes Swap.

Moreover, users can learn about decentralized finance with in-depth tutorials, interactive guides, and nuanced backend systems of the platform.

There will also be official Big Eyes Coin merchandise for users interested in buying them.

Ethereum Network’s Ether outperforms Bitcoin after bottoming out in June

Image: Ethereum Price

Ethereum is a blockchain-based technology that powers Ether cryptocurrency and serves as a launchpad for scalable and secure dApps.

It has a native token ETH that can be used for a host of transactional purposes, including staking, earning rewards, token swapping, and liquidity pool provisioning.

Recently, Ether has been the talk of the town after it clocked around a 100% increase in value after bottoming out in June. It is currently outperforming even Bitcoin.

On June 19, Ether had hit a new low of $880.93 but bounced back after rising by 106%. On the same day, Bitcoin was trading at $17,601. It surged by 31% since then, as per data released by CoinDesk.

Experts believe the price rally is led by the anticipation over the Ethereum network’s long-awaited software upgrade, referred to as the ‘Merge.’

The ‘Merge’ is an upcoming software upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain system wherein the Ethereum Mainnet will be merged into a proof-of-stake protocol.

It will end the network’s dependence on the proof-of-work protocol. Moreover, the software upgrade will reduce the Ethereum network’s energy consumption by over 99%.

The network offers several services and facilities that users can leverage for various purposes.

All users need to do to get started is download the Ethereum wallet. Plus, there are a host of resources for budding developers to use to equip themselves with new skills.

For starters, there are in-depth tutorials and resources where users can learn by experimentation.

The full-stack developer resources include concepts like smart contracts, development frameworks, block explorers, JavaScript libraries, backend API, and development environments.

Lumos Labs to launch Web 3.0 accelerator for Hedera startups

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Hedera is a smart contracts platform that helps developers build and deploy enterprise-grade solutions on public blockchain systems.

It has a native token, HBAR, that can be used for a host of transactional purposes. Furthermore, what one would need in a decentralized ecosystem, including staking, token swapping, earning rewards, etc. 

Hedera has been built as a public ledger that leverages Hashgraph consensus to create more secure and faster alternatives to traditional blockchain solutions.

The Hashgraph is the brainchild of Leemon Baird, who is Hedera’s chief scientist and co-founder. It efficiently verifies transactions while ensuring enhanced security to keep malicious acts at bay.

It can clock a high throughput by processing over 10,000 transactions each second and offering low-latency finality in seconds.

Besides being carbon neutral, Hedera-based solutions can be almost 10x faster than blockchain alternatives. 

The platform also offers its users a token service. The latter can configure, mint, and manage native NFTs and fungible tokens on the network.

The token service’s cost-effectiveness, compliance configuration, and unmatched level of throughput give the token service an unmistakable edge.

Users will also be able to take advantage of features like on-chain programmability and API calls for atomic swaps.

In a recent development, Lumos Labs announced that it would be launching a Web 3.0 accelerator for Hedera-based solutions.

The innovation management firm would invite Indian Web 3.0 startups to scale by leveraging Hedera’s distributed ledger services.

The accelerator program would feature two five-month cohorts. It will strive to empower startup founders to explore nuanced opportunities in Web 3.0.

Moreover, to grow at scale while spreading the word about Hedera’s potential in the Indian developer community.

The participating startups can look forward to accessing potential funding opportunities from the program’s venture capital partners like CoinDCX, We Founder Circle, and MapleBlock.

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