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Cryptocurrencies to watch for the future

With a laundry list of cryptocurrencies floating around, questions of where to focus continue to come up.

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If you’re here, you have clearly seen the effect of cryptocurrencies on the world, and the slew of opportunities that it has presented. NFT use, for example, is indicative of the fact that there is still untapped potential to be explored.

Whether you are looking into investment or transactional power, there is seemingly always something to pay attention to and to try in this ever-evolving industry.

Much of it depends on the underlying cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, for example, has been leading the charge since its inception in 2008 as the first successfully launched currency of this type.

Whether because of the saturation or cost-forming barriers, many people have opted to look towards altcoins instead of Bitcoin. The point is that there are other viable options out there. 

This article is meant to allude to four of the best cryptocurrency options for those who are concerned with what the future may look like.


No one said that this list would consist only of altcoin alternatives. There is no bigger cryptocurrency out there than the one that started it all. It is an incredible puzzle piece for your portfolio, and it can be quite lucrative too.

Yes, it has experienced some highs and lows, but in looking at the value it has managed to amass since its inception, you can see where the staying power comes from.

The scarcity created by the limited number of coins in circulation also contributes to the inherent value you see today. Some predictions have Bitcoin’s value surging into the six-figure range in very short order.


From a popularity and functionality standpoint, Ethereum is seemingly always in the conversation alongside Bitcoin. With the second largest market share, it’s not hard to see why.

However, the applicability of Ethereum goes beyond its value. Its blockchain offers technology with incredibly high utility. More applications continue to use it as the core of their platform, meaning that the associated tokens conform to compatibility standards.

Just check out the laundry list of decentralized applications that Ethereum is behind, and you quickly get an idea of what is being alluded to here.


The carbon footprint created by the cryptocurrency industry is a huge point of contention between groups standing on differing sides. Cardano aims to build on what Ethereum and Bitcoin would have introduced.

Not only does it bring increased speed to what were already efficient transactions, but it does so using less energy than its larger counterparts.

Yes, other options evolve quicker because they use a less measured approach, but the deliberate style would be the reason why Cardano has managed to put so many successful feet forward. Now that it has smart contract technology, the sky is the limit.


Tether is a stablecoin, meaning that its value has an underpinning asset, making it free from the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrency. Since its inception, its value has never gone beyond or below approximately 1 USD.

Investing for revenue would be a moot point with Tether, but stablecoins provide opportunities elsewhere. For example, it’s a great way to transfer funds quickly, using a one-to-one conversion method as an intermediary.

Final Remarks

With a laundry list of cryptocurrencies floating around, questions of where to focus continue to come up. The four highlighted above are expected to reach new strengths and layers of applicability, based on expert predictions.

This information is meant to help you make an informed decision as you continue your research on the industry.

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