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Cybersecurity: Why all tech giants recommend the zero trust model

To sum it up, Zero Trust is a good investment to enhance your data and systems security.

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Ransomware attacks are truly disappointing. It can damage the networks of organizations of different industries. Ransomware attacks automatically produce negative results.

With this, you must do something about it. One of today’s efficient technologies against ransomware attacks is Zero Trust. Are you not familiar with this solution? Don’t worry because this post will guide you about the Zero Trust Model

What is Zero Trust? 

Zero Trust Model was established by John Kindervag way back in 2010. During that time, Kindervag was a principal analyst of Forrester Research Inc. It is a security concept that focuses on the idea that companies must not trust anything automatically inside or outside their perimeters. Instead, verify things and those trying to connect the systems before providing access. 

The belief in Zero Trust is “don’t trust anyone”. It means that you should not give access to machines, IP addresses, and others unless you know the user and if they’re authorized. The Zero Trust Model promotes more innovative technologies, including identity and access management, multi-factor authentication as well as next-generation endpoint security technology. These technologies assist in the verification of the identity of the user and keep the security of the system.

Take note that Zero Trust can be successful if the company is consistent in monitoring and validating that the users and their devices have the right attributes and privileges. User attributes and threats may change continuously, so you must not stop monitoring to ensure your security. 

The policies of Zero Trust rely on real-time visibility of the attributes of the user, including the following:

  • User logins 
  • Identity of the user
  • Installed applications
  • Endpoint hardware type
  • Versions of operating systems
  • Patch levels
  • Firmware versions
  • Vulnerabilities 
  • Incident or security detection

What problems does Zero Trust solve?

Zero Trust can solve your problems when it comes to your data and system security needs. In today’s modern and digital generation, the rate of cybersecurity breaches continues to increase. If you don’t take immediate action, it can negatively affect your business

The technology offers a secure environment for organizations by utilizing ongoing infrastructure transformation. They provide more strategic plans to step ahead against hacks to serve a more secure and safer environment for companies. 

The model makes sure that the security department uses multi-factor authentication to use different micro-segments of the network to attain a higher level of security. With that, it can be hard for hackers to get the information they need when accessing someone’s account. 

Another feature of the Zero Trust Model is that they have a higher level of a risk management philosophy that establishes data analytics and anomaly detection. It can be the best solution to prevent security threats and helps to detect threats quickly. In addition, there’s also a fast response against a security breach. 

If you suspect a malicious insider is trying to access system processes and sensitive data, Zero Trust is the perfect solution. Aside from using the latest technologies, the model also creates security parameters by knowing its processes, stakeholders, and mindsets. So, organizations that use the Zero Trust model will have inside and out security, which is essential to protect their company’s important data and systems. 

Why did Tech Giants talk about Zero Trust and their Solution? 

With the continuous rise of attacks to enterprise data and systems, tech giants begin to use Zero Trust to enhance their data and systems protection. Besides offering companies a more secure environment, Zero Trust security also solves the limitations for perimeter-based security and firewalls for networks. 

It integrates the usage of perimeter encryption and protection to secure targeted systems. Zero Trust is considered as a barrier to protect the processes, applications, and data from hackers and malicious insiders. With proper implementation, the Zero Trust model can successfully create a cybersecurity paradigm. 

To help you know more about Zero Trust Model, the following are some of the frequently asked questions about the technology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zero Trust Model

What is BeyondCorp security? 

The BeyondCorp is Google’s Zero Trust security framework. It can change the access controls of the perimeter to individual devices as well as users. It will lead the employees to securely work from any place without the use of a traditional VPN. 

What is the Zero Trust Architecture? 

The Zero Trust Architecture is also called the Zero Trust Network. It defines the security concepts and the threat model that don’t already assume that systems, actors, or services operating in the security perimeter must be trusted automatically. 

Why is Zero Trust important? 

Zero Trust is important if you want to level up your security level. If you don’t want to lose essential data or systems in your organization, this security model is the best solution. It utilizes technologies to ensure that you can have a more secure environment to maintain your systems and data free from security threats.

Does Zero Trust a form of continual authentication? 

Zero Trust incorporates concepts of continual authentication. However, it is not a form of continual authentication in itself. 

Is Zero Trust worth it? 

If you wonder whether Zero Trust is worth it to use, the answer is yes. It is a reliable tool to maintain data and systems security. It is a fact that data security is essential for the success of every business. That’s why it is a good decision to have an efficient security technology like the Zero Trust model. 


To sum it up, Zero Trust is a good investment to enhance your data and systems security. In this way, you can maintain good operations and keep data safe, which can bring positive results for your business. 

Are you ready to enhance your business security? If yes, the Zero Trust model can be a good option. You don’t need to worry because even giant techs use this security model. It provides excellent features to give you peace of mind against hackers, malicious insiders as well as other security threats. 

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