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The Daily Read – The Ronaldo-didn’t Edition – 6/13/14

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a Daily Read. Today we feature the History of the Toilet, the obsession with Emoji’s, the push for headphone tech.

KnowTechie Daily Read

It’s Monday again? How does everyone feel after the weekend? The USA team almost beat Portugal yesterday, let’s see what they can do against Germany. Until then, check out some of todays best reads! 

Natural Progression: E-Cigs Pave the Way for New E-Joints


“There may not be any need to spark it up anymore.”

by @sladehv

The Military Now Has X-Ray Guns


“Superman had X-ray vision. Now, so does the United States military, in the form of an X-ray gun that can see through fabric, rubber and aluminum to find drugs, money, explosive liquids and even people.”

by @DefTechPat

The History Of The Toilet


For centuries the humble bathroom has been shaping the space we live and work.

by @LifeSansBldgs

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Emoji?


The little digital images are everywhere, from smartphone operating systems to social media and apps. We’re obsessed, sending an emoji of a dancer next to a smiley face next to crying cat. How did these tiny images take hold of our lives?

by @YohanaDesta

50 Surprising Facts About The Internet


Guess how many people are still paying for AOL?

by @KatieNotopoulos

Five ways Apple could push headphone technology forward


Apple’s been quietly assembling a lot of very interesting headphone tech. Will we see it make its way to the Beats line?

by @kifleswing

Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About Using AT&T Or Comcast WiFi Hotspots


“If you’re a customer of AT&T or Comcast, you’re probably very aware of these two companies’ efforts to create massive networks of free WiFi for their subscribers to use when away from home. But a new report shows just how easy it is for an unseemly character to fake one of these hotspots and steal your information.”

by @themorrancave

That’s it! Feel free to share this with your friends, family, or co-workers. Who doesn’t like a good read? 

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