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Watch two of the world’s best dart players try to play in VR

Now do it drunk.

Even though recent news about the sport is really not flattering, the truth is that darts is a great game, with loads of excitement and unpredictable outcomes. Europe (and maybe also Japan) is the epicenter of the sport and is also where its best players come from.

Two of them are Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross, who come from the Netherlands and England, respectively. Van Gerwen is the world’s number one and acclaimed by many as the best darts player to have ever lived, while Cross is a newcomer with immense potential, actually winning the World Championship less than a year after becoming a professional.

VR and the game of darts

With such a successful background, these two players are the right choices to try out what could be a glimpse of the future of sports. Challenged by Betway Darts, one of the largest professional darts sponsors, they played darts using Virtual Reality (BR) gear, which was probably a first for both.

Usually, they play “501”, a type of darts match where both players start with 501 points and have to reach zero, but they also have to finish on a double. Noticing how hard it would be to play in VR, van Gerwen and Cross decided to play a simple match to see got more points with 9 darts.

After a bad start by Cross, van Gerwen took the lead but, in the end, “Mighty Mike”, as he is known, won by a single point. And, even though everyone had a good time, it seems that VR technology will not replace real darts anytime soon, so Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross will continue to fill arenas all around the world.

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