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Dave shah explains how Google Ads can accelerate online sales

With Google Ads, you have the freedom to try multiple marketing campaigns and trace their results.

dave shah
Image: Dave Shah

With cut-throat competition, every entrepreneur wants to reach its target audience before others to increase their sales volume. Imagine spending thousands on a traditional marketing campaign while your competitor spends a quarter of what you spend on select digital advertising methods. You notice that his company is making more profits.

Plus, he is changing his advertising techniques frequently. On the other hand, your company’s growth is relatively slow, if not stagnant.

This is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. While the former still works, the latter fits the modern business structure better because of its scalability. 

Dave Shah, the founder, and CEO of Wve Labs, believes that with the advent of Google Ads, new entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on digital marketing because it provides traceable results. 

Role of a digital marketing company

Google Ads allows you to test various marketing campaigns so that you can select the ones that suit your business the most. Dave suggests that you should try multiple marketing campaigns for your business without fear that many of them may fail. While trying to promote his company, Wve Labs, Dave had experimented with both traditional and digital marketing techniques. He did not worry about the results beforehand. It was after a few marketing campaigns that he started shortlisting the techniques that were adding value to his business.

Dave advises new entrepreneurs to follow a similar approach. But to do that, companies would need help from an experienced digital marketing company. Real professionals can refine your marketing campaigns and also monitor each campaign to track their results. This trial and error method helps them find the most fruitful marketing campaigns that boost your company’s sales volume.

The process to track marketing results

  1. Auditing the website

The digital marketing experts will go through your company’s website to see the areas of improvement. This helps them implement different marketing strategies later. From checking keywords to testing page-load speed, they will go through everything thoroughly.

  1. Researching keywords

Digital marketing experts spend hours coming up with keywords that match what your audience may use while searching for related products and services. Dave explains that you need to think from the customer’s perspective to select appropriate keywords for your website. Accordingly, you can prepare content for the webpages so that they pop up whenever your audience searches with similar keywords.

  1. Ad copywriting

Another crucial job of a digital marketing company is to make your ads search-engine friendly. They will ensure that Google approves your ads so that it has more chances of appearing on the first page of search engines. 

  1. Optimizing Google Ads

In addition to ad copywriting, the digital marketing team will also optimize the ad so that it’s targeted for the keywords used by your potential customers.

  1. Tracking the results

The job of a digital marketing team doesn’t end by suggesting a few marketing techniques. It will also monitor your Google Ads campaign’s performance so that they can decide whether to follow the same marketing technique in the next campaign or not.

Dave suggests that you shouldn’t stop experimenting with different digital marketing ideas. With Google Ads, you have the freedom to try multiple marketing campaigns and trace their results to decide which technique works best for your business.

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