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Defend yourself against COVID-19 with the Allume UV-C portable wand

With Allume’s portable wand in your hand, you can ensure viruses, germs, bacteria, and allergens don’t come anywhere near you and your loved ones.

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Image: Allume

Everyone can now take a sigh of relief because the economy is gradually being opened up in most countries. But, the virus has not yet been defeated. As research on vaccines continues, everyone now has to take a personal initiative in protecting themselves and their loved ones from the novel coronavirus. The good news, however, UV-C technology is here to keep you safe at all times.

There is no denying that the pandemic has left us scared of doing normal activities that we once considered harmless. For example, the thought of sitting on a bus next to other passengers is terrifying. Nowadays you can’t even touch a doorknob without worrying about contracting the virus.

Getting your hands on the Allume – UV-C portable wand can help ease your anxiety and protect you from Covid-19 and other bacteria. This innovation from Violet Healthcare incorporates the use of UV-C lights to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and germs in seconds. With this device, you can forget about wearing face shields and carrying sanitizers all day long.

Is Allume’s UV-C Light a Reliable Protective Measure against COVID-19?

allume uvc wand

Image: Allume

Early this year during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we were advised to wear masks, keep social distance, and sanitize in order to contain the spread of the virus. And even though these measures have gotten us through the past 6-7 months. There is a new sheriff in town – UV-C Light.

According to research done by the Columbia University Irving Medical City, UV-C light can destroy COVID-19 and a wide range of other viruses or bacteria. The Allume – UV-C portable wand is here to make sanitizing more effective and convenient. Gone are the days when you have to use wipes, sponges, or rags to clean surfaces.

This portable wand from Allume offers next-level protection against COVID-19. It is free of chemicals that are found in sanitizers. It’s small and compact and you can easily carry it around without fear of contracting the virus.

Take It Wherever You Go

One of the unique features that most people love about Allume – UV-C portable wand is its exterior design and build. Think of it as a small flashlight that you can take it wherever you go. Only that instead of using it for visibility, it kills viruses instead. With a size of 9 inches long and 2 inches round, it will snugly fit in your purse, handbag, backpack, or even jacket pockets.

The foldable wand can be used to sanitize doorknobs, public washrooms. Phones, computers, elevator buttons, seats on buses and taxis, package deliveries and any other surface that you think can transmit COVID-19.

Ease Your COVID Anxiety with the Safe and Natural technology

If you have been doing research on COVID-19 then you already know that sunlight can destroy this virus. Well, UV-C light is a natural form of ultraviolet light that is found in sunlight. Unlike sanitizers that contain harmful chemicals that can damage some surfaces, Allume’s UV-C light is 100% natural and safe.

Other than eradicating viruses from a surface, an Allume portable wand will leave the environment as you found it. The only surface that this light should be kept away from is on the face or eyes. This won’t however happen with Allume’s wand because it comes with a smart feature that will switch the lights off when aimed at the direction of your face.

The fast-charging battery compliments the overall design of the Allume’s wand. A 15-minute charge can give you 5-6 hours of protection against Covid-19. You also won’t have to replace the batteries because it contains a lithium-ion battery, similar to the one on your phone.

Enjoy a Healthy and Stress-Free Life with this Advanced and Affordable UV-C Light Sterilizer

With Allume’s portable wand in your hand, you can ensure viruses, germs, bacteria, and allergens don’t come anywhere near you and your loved ones. Other than being so effective, this UV-C light sanitizer does its job in the most eco-friendly way possible. It’s also safe and gentle on surfaces. And because times are tough, Violet Healthcare has cut the cost of the Allume portable wand by 50%. Put your COVID-19 anxiety to a stop today by getting this advanced and affordable UV-C sterilizer.

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