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Do product reviews really matter when buying new electronics?

Here are a few reasons why these reviews matter.

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Many shoppers turn to online reviews before deciding to buy any type of product. According to recent research, about 91% of individuals who use the internet regularly check these reviews with 84% trusting them as personal recommendations.

You’d be surprised to know that they do not only skim through, but read them thoroughly to help them make an opinion of a particular product. About 64% read up to six reviews before making a decision. Millennials, according to research use these reviews more than the older generations.

iTest is one of the online sites that consumers can check reviews of various electronics to make a conscious decision of what they are buying. Here are a few reasons why these reviews matter.

Authentic Opinions

In most cases, it is either the very satisfied or the very disgruntled customers that will leave reviews. Most often than not, these reviews are honest opinions from people who have already used that product. Such reviews are very important to help you make conscious decisions when buying new electronics.

If for instance, you want to buy a jug heater, and you find positive reviews about a new brand in the market, you are more likely to take interest in that brand if especially it is selling at a lower price compared to other brands. Negative reviews will put you off.

Get to Compare Prices

Product reviews extend to other factors such as price and other aspects. Apart from reviews on quality and performance, you will find others that compare different products based on their features in relation to their prices.

Such reviews are especially important if you are shopping on a budget. You get to know the product that gives you the best value for your money. You can compare features to determine those that you are willing to forego and those that you need.

How to Use Electronics

Product reviews help consumers understand the products they buy. There those electronic products that are difficult to use even with their manuals. You will require a direction from a person who has already used that product to give you a simple guide.

Fortunately, you can easily find such from online reviews. Some go an extra mine to show you different tricks of using some items that you would have never discovered by just following your manual. There is a whole load of information from these reviews than you can ever find from companies’ websites.

Determine Where to Buy

People also check reviews to decide where to buy particular products. There are those products that are easy to buy online and have them shipped to your location, and there are others that you need to go to a brick-and-mortar store.

Small devices such as mobile phones and jug heaters are easy to buy online, while big electronics such as gas cookers and fridges may require you to visit a physical store. Customers, thus, look out for these reviews to see reliable stores that are close to them. They also look for extra services that those stores provide such as delivery services. 

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