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Do you need to test your server’s security? Here are the 3 best stresser in 2020

If you’re serious about giving your system a run for its money, you can try these 3 IP stressers.

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The IP stresser industry is a very fleeting one. There are always new options popping up everywhere, and what worked last week, is complete garbage today.

Why is that?

Well. For starters, people who use stressors just to be annoying give them a very bad rep. So, new protections come up, and old methods become obsolete.

But that’s actually a good thing. You don’t want to be protected against stuff nobody uses anymore. It would be like buying an antivirus that only protects you from MICHAELANGELO today.

So, here are the 3 most powerful Stressers in 2020

This was the top stresser up until a few months now. It is still very popular since its dashboard is straightforward. It offers the most basic methods and it is very solid. Most people out there are using it just because they don’t demand much from it and it does the job really well. But if you´re trying to test a moderately strong server, it will probably not

Also a staple in the industry. This one is one of the heavy hitters and it’s pretty stable too, with a very high success rate. It packs a ton of methods that target layers 3, 4, and 7, giving it great versatility. It also allows for great customization with advanced parameters. This is great for those who already know what they’re doing.

A newcomer of sorts. They´ve worked with IP stresser software before but recently launched their online service. It offers one of the widest arrays of layer 7 methods out there, and the times and power are excellent. The dashboard requires some learning as its aim is to allow you to tweak your methods and time, but it has taken down anything we put in its path.

If you’re serious about giving your system a run for its money, you can try these 3 stressers. I recommend scaling up until you feel your servers can handle everything you throw at them for maximum protection. It is the only way to be prepared nowadays.

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