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Does an AirTag work anywhere in the world?

AirTags are great for keeping up with your stuff, but do they work everywhere?

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Quick Answer: Apple’s AirTag works anywhere in the world, as long as there are other Apple devices in the surrounding area.

An AirTag can work anywhere in the world thanks to the ‘Find My’ app, which in simple words, is built on an extensive network of 1.8 billion Apple devices.

It doesn’t rely on GPS or cellular connectivity but leverages a pre-existing widespread Apple user base to communicate the location of the attached item to the owner.

The best part? This solution works when the item is out of Bluetooth range. 

Whereas in everyday routine, AirTag uses Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band technologies to keep close tabs on items and pets.

What is the Apple AirTag’s maximum range?

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The AirTag does not have a maximum range. Its range extends as far as the range of the Find My Network. 

Whenever the AirTag detects an Apple device nearby, it establishes a secure connection with the device to update its location on the ‘Find My’ app. 

This means that regardless of where the AirTag is in the world, if there is an Apple Device nearby, the AirTag will be traceable.

However, let’s take a hypothetical scenario when there is no other Apple device in the vicinity except what you own. For instance, take backcountry hiking.

In that case, the range of AirTag will be limited by the Bluetooth range.

Though Apple has not disclosed the precise Bluetooth range of the AirTag, we can make a safe guess thanks to known BlueTooth standards. 

In the absence of any nearby Apple device, you can successfully locate your AirTag within a 600-800 foot perimeter.

How often do AirTags update their location?

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As mentioned above, the AirTag doesn’t has a built-in GPS or cellular chip to update its location in real-time. Rather, it relies on the Apple devices in the vicinity.

So if the AirTag, and the item attached to it, is lost in a space where Apple devices are all around (airports, supermarkets, movie theaters, etc.), its location in the ‘Find My’ app will update every minute or two.

Otherwise, it might take hours, days, or an eternity if no other Apple devices are present.

Wrapping up

To sum it all up, Apple AirTags can be located anywhere in the world as long as there are other Apple devices in the vicinity; or when they are well within Bluetooth range.

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