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Do the SeekaHost Minecraft server hosting services deliver what they promise?

Despite SeekaHost being a newcomer in the Minecraft Server Hosting industry, it already provides its users with brilliant features at an affordable price.

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Image: SeekaHost

The very famous Minecraft game is played by over 140 million users worldwide. It is therefore an expanding market that also sees growth in Minecraft server hosting providers. 

There are established companies such as Shockbyte (based in Australia) or Apex (based in the USA) and there are emerging and growing companies like SeekaHost (based in the UK) that offer Minecraft players to rent game servers to host their Minecraft games. 

As a Minecraft player, it is often difficult to identify the best Minecraft Server Hosting Services among the various providers and features. 

So, for players who are wondering how a newcomer like SeekaHost can compete with the big players in Minecraft Server Hosting, here is a review to help them make a more informed decision and to learn if they are trustworthy. 

This review focuses on the best features of SeekaHost Minecraft Hosting and problems that every user should avoid like server lag, poor customer service, server downtime, and more.

What does Minecraft Server Hosting Provider SeekaHost deliver?

Based on comparing other Minecraft hosts with SeekaHost, the following points emerged that any user should carefully consider before purchasing Minecraft server hosting. 

Timely Customer Support

If you’re an avid gamer and you play regularly, you want to ensure your Minecraft server is always functional. However, technical faults occur, and, in such cases, it is vital to get a quick response from the support team.

Some Minecraft Server Host customer services would not immediately respond or simply send an automated message. Some providers would not even provide support for technical issues and refer customers to their FAQs. This is especially frustrating for beginners.

With SeekaHost’s Minecraft Hosting users can issue a support ticket or speak to someone in the live chat to get a fast response to their query. Queries are usually solved within a few hours. 

Server Up Time

As users pay for the server hosting, they want to ensure that the server stays up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Most server issues will come down to hardware hence why the Minecraft server hosting provider needs to consistently configure and upgrade the servers to meet all gaming requirements.

It can be affected by too many players, activities, or add-ons and the technical support will be able to analyze and establish any server issues and solve them.

Because the SeekaHost support response time is very quick, server issues of any kind are dealt with and resolved within an hour or two usually. 

Server Configurability and Additional Features

Many Minecraft players get Minecraft server hosting because they want to configure their server to make the game more unique. This happens with configurations such as adding plugins, mods, and anything else that might enhance the gameplay.

Because of the very easy-to-use Minecraft game hosting panel with SeekaHost, it is quick and easy to install and remove plugins or mods with the mods manager, manage FTP files, and add modifications to the game in one dashboard.

Users can add, remove and manage players with one click in the panel and upgrade or downgrade game hosting plans and add or remove domains in the panel with just a few clicks.

Server Lag

A server lag is a delay between a player’s command and the game’s response, which can last for a fraction of a second to several seconds. Persistent server lag may disconnect players from the game.

In the multiplayer mode of player versus player (PvP) combat or player versus environment (PvE) survival games, gameplay quality can be severely affected. Such lags are usually caused by issues with the server, the connection, or the client.

SeekaHost offers different server locations, so it is advisable to avoid lag by choosing servers in the same region as where users play from. When choosing the right package that provides the best number of player slots and RAM, SeekaHost servers hardly show any lag. 

User Experience

SeekaHost uses a site called multicraft, which other hosts use too. It is a good system that helps users find everything quickly and make changes to their server with ease.

The SeekaHost game hosting control panel is very user-friendly with a clear and straightforward dashboard and interface. 

Additional Features & Resources

SeekaHost UK Minecraft Server Hosting Services offer very good servers and hosting, but they also offer various additional resources via their blog or their YouTube channel with useful tutorials. It is therefore very suitable for Minecraft beginners. 

seekahost minecraft server
Image: SeekaHost

What Features does the SeekaHost Game Hosting Control Panel offer?

Minecraft players will often play various games on their servers and therefore require game hosting that is flexible and easy to manage. SeekaHost offers a specially designed Minecraft Hosting Control Panel for the Minecraft player community.

With SeekaHost’s cheap server hosting for Minecraft gamers this control panel offers the following features for a quick and smooth game server set up:

  • Easily accessible Minecraft server list for all game servers in one place.
  • Add, remove, and manage players with one click in the panel.
  • Install, delete, and manage all Minecraft mods with the mods manager.
  • Flexibly upgrade or downgrade game hosting plans and add or remove domains in the panel.
  • Handle all Minecraft files via the FTP client in the same dashboard. 

SeekaHost’s game hosting control panel offers many options and features while being easily accessible and simple to use. The layout of the dashboard is clear and with a few clicks users can make modifications to everything they need regarding their game servers.

Compared with other panels, it certainly stands out as one that enables premium Minecraft server hosting management and navigation. 

Is it Easy to Get Server Hosting with SeekaHost?

SeekaHost offer a variety of different game server hosting packages that range from just 12 players slots to 200 slots and RAM accordingly. All packages can be found and purchased on the main page at comparatively low prices starting from just $4 per month.

Other providers charge at least $1 or $2 more for a similar package. After the purchase, everything is very straightforward as users receive email notifications with all information to set up their server in the client area from where they can navigate to the multicraft panel.

Here they can operate their server easily but can also check the tutorials if they get stuck somewhere. 

Is it Simple to Use and Create a Modded Server with SeekaHost?

Because SeekaHost use a multicraft control panel, it is simple to manage a game server as it offers a ton of options for server configurations.

  • Creating a custom domain is the easiest with being able to simply type from your dashboard and create a custom domain right there.
  • Adding single mods is equally easy and you can follow the instructions from a video in the knowledgebase. The steps it takes are straightforward: delete old server files, change the jar to forge 1.12.2 (that’s mods tested), save the server and start it. Within a few minutes the forge server was up. Uploading mods through the FTP files access is seamless too. 
  • The mod pack installer allows users to add mod packs quickly and easily. Users are required to delete old files, change the setup and server jar, switch the base directory from the drop-down menu, and pick a mod pack. They then start the server and it’s all done. 

Final Verdict

Despite SeekaHost being a newcomer in the Minecraft Server Hosting industry, it already provides its users with brilliant features at affordable prices that can certainly compete with the household names in Minecraft server hosting.

What stands out is the fast response time of the customer support and the ease of use of the control panel. Flexibility is another feature that many users may enjoy as they can cancel or upgrade at any time inside the dashboard.

SeekaHost provides many tutorials and is therefore ideal for beginners. So, this company stands by its word and only promises what it can deliver. SeekaHost also regularly offers coupon and discount codes and if users sign up for their newsletter, they will never miss a great deal. 

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