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Does the UK or Germany lead the way in AI-based manufacturing? 

Germany may lead the way in AI-based manufacturing in Europe – but who knows what the future holds for the world of AI in either country? 

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AI has already begun to streamline many industries – and manufacturing is no exception. Automated services are being used across the world for tasks such as product production, visual inspection, and conveyor systems. If there are any two countries that boast an impressive AI industry, it’s the UK and Germany. Which nation leads the way in AI-based manufacturing, though? Let’s find out…

Germany paves the way 

Germany has long been a hub for manufacturing – so, it makes sense that it’s at the forefront of AI-based transformations in the industry. Chancellor Merkel has said herself that she’s keen for the country to pave the way in AI-led manufacturing. Likewise, tech experts often make the point that Germany is close to introducing advanced AI-tech like self-driving cars and industrial robotics. Unsurprisingly, it’s widely argued that the country is leading the EU into the field of AI. With this in mind, it’s highly likely that Germany will continue to lead development in AI-based manufacturing. 

…but the UK isn’t too far behind 

True, Germany is the European leader of AI-based manufacturing – but the UK isn’t too far behind. Just like Merkel, the UK government has pledged to pour more money into AI, with the aim of making Britain a global leader in this form of advanced technology. However, the country currently faces a crisis: there aren’t enough skilled manufacturing engineers in Britain. Experts have been quick to urge the government to raise the number of both academic and vocational pathways for young people

Another issue that could impact the UK’s manufacturing sector is Brexit, the economic repercussions of which remain uncertain. So long as the UK fulfills its promise to stay ahead of AI developments, it will be able to hold its place as an industry leader in Europe. 

The future of industrial tech 

So, how has Germany managed to lead the way in AI-based manufacturing? Most often, it comes down to its machinery. Germany is renowned across the world for producing premium products for industrial tech. So, it isn’t just big appliances that make Germany a world-leader; it’s every piece of equipment that goes into the machinery business, including items as small as inductive sensors. As Germany hosts a number of superior hardware specialists, like RS Components, its manufacturing company can benefit from a range of useful, specially-designed tools for AI appliances. 

Germany may lead the way in AI-based manufacturing in Europe – but who knows what the future holds for the world of AI in either country? 

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