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Does your company need IT support? 5 questions for SME owners

All businesses can seriously benefit from the outsourced services of an IT support provider.

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Every business is connected to technology these days, no matter its industry, size, or future goals. Using technology for a business’ benefit while also protecting it from risks has become a key priority for most businesses. 

With the appropriate use of technology as a matter of great importance, considerations for hiring an outside IT support provider like Computers In The City has become quite high. An outsourced dedicated IT team can enhance any business’ relationship with technology and simultaneously protect it from cyber threats or harm.

Should you hire outsourced IT support for your SME? Ask yourself the 5 questions below to find out if your company needs a helping hand.

Do You Value Cybersecurity?

Hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated each and every year, and the only way to truly keep a business cyber safe is to employ an IT provider. Providers keep themselves in-the-know about the latest ways networks may be infiltrated by hackers and how to protect their clients from such harm. With hacking threats and ransomware on the rise, your business should have these protections in place.

Not employing such protections before your business becomes a target may have dire consequences for your company, like tarnishing your company name, excessive lawsuit costs, and damages, or diminishing sales. Businesses facing the most risk are law firms, financial service providers, and healthcare providers. However, any small business must pay significant attention to this danger because it simply won’t have the resources enterprise-level businesses do to kick back easily.

Your IT support partner will equip your business with the best security measures practiced today, and also have a backup recovery plan in place in the case of disaster.

Don’t Have In-House IT Support?

Some businesses choose to hire a designated IT staff member to manage their technological setup, maintain their network, and assist when issues and questions arise. However, this may be more costly to manage in the long run because you’ll need to pay for this staff member’s time regardless of whether their services are needed.

In fact, IT support may be needed in heavier doses during certain periods of change or problem-solving, or not at all during other periods. If you outsource IT support instead, you can take advantage of as much help as you need, when you need it. Overall, there are higher costs involved when you consider the effort it takes to recruit and train in-house IT staff members, as well.

Additionally, outsourced IT help comes with a large team of IT professionals with a vast set of combined skills and experience. This means that if one IT team member doesn’t know what to do in a given circumstance, they can readily call upon others of their IT team to offer their opinions and advice.

Further, your IT service provider focuses their entire business on their ability to offer the best services possible. They continually educate themselves on the latest technologies, best practices, and how they may be best utilized for your business. They may also consult other businesses like yours so they can build the best possible IT infrastructure that works for your team.

Is Your Business Within One of These Industries?

Businesses in any industry may benefit from using technology and the expert knowledge on how to do so. However, businesses of certain industries stand even more to gain by comparison. 

Real Estate

Most real estate operations run online today, with necessary and constant real-time updates. Your real estate site should run smoothly and be capable of listing property information as well as multiple clients. All of this recorded data is at the crux of your business, so it is vital that nothing causes it to become lost or destroyed.

Your IT support team can help prevent this from happening, but will also have a data recovery plan – known as a Disaster Recovery Plan – in place in case of an emergency. They may also assist your business in setting up remote and mobile access to your site for convenience.


The level of confidentiality for the information that’s entrusted to a legal services business and the technology it uses to record and track it goes without saying. IT providers take such confidentiality seriously and make protecting such data a top priority. They can advise you on what kinds of software to use to manage cases, and how to safely store and access the data. 


The construction field has become increasingly driven by technology, especially in recent years. Companies must engage with it to keep up. As those in this field know, it is vital to your success to focus on your work without technical interruptions. IT providers can help you avoid these distractions, make business plans with IT in mind, and back up all valuable data safely.


Accounting firms rely heavily on safely recording vital data for their clients. Computer networks should always be available and secure. Your IT company can help you ensure network security and set up its infrastructure properly. If such infrastructure should be changed in any way, your IT professionals can easily migrate the data.

Are You A Small Business?

Outsourcing IT support for your small business is more cost-efficient because you may not need the amount of help a full-time employee offers. However, you would benefit from the help of an IT expert to set up your IT infrastructure, secure your network, back up your files and help you choose the most ideal hardware and software for your company. 

Further, your IT company can help you keep up with your business competition by advising you on how technology can greatly enhance your business solutions. Most importantly, they can help cut downtime with constant support, so that your team is never frustrated and waiting for systems to be up and running again.

Do You Plan on Growing Your Business?

As your business begins to grow, so will it’s need for staffing, support, and additional technology requirements. In order to handle these requirements, especially as they continually change and expand, it is most helpful to have an outsourced team that can easily expand and adapt to the situation at hand. 

Experienced IT professionals can advise your team on how to modify the setup of your network, storage of data, and overall use of technology to run your business. They also have a backup team of additional professionals to assist them when big technological transitions and projects are required immediately.

All Businesses Can Benefit from IT Support

In short, all businesses can seriously benefit from the outsourced services of an IT support provider. 

Businesses within certain industries may stand to benefit even more from these services due to their reliance on technology to keep track of data and the need to keep it safe, but businesses in all industries must pay attention to cybersecurity.

In general, most businesses can benefit more from outsourced IT support than insourced IT support and intend to grow as their success rates increase. All businesses can have the best opportunity to take advantage of new technology when the right kind of partner is on their side.

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