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DoragonLand is ready to dominate the NFT gaming world

DoragonLand, a blockchain-based 3D tower rush game, is amongst the most promising newcomers to the NFT gaming arena.

doragon land nft
Image: DoragonLand

DoragonLand is a collectible card game integrated with blockchain technology that provides users with the utmost exhilarating experience. Inspired by the world-renowned Clash Royale, DoragonLand pits players in games featuring two or four players (1v1 or 2v2).

The objective is to destroy opponents’ towers, with the demolition of Master’s Tower resulting in an instant win. Besides the captivating gameplay, the attractive opportunities to reap rewards of $DOR tokens and NFT in-game items are the ultimate beneficial feature for players.

Recently, DoragonLand has officially announced a successful fundraising round with numerous partnerships with prestigious blockchain-oriented venture capital firms, namely V2B Labs, X21 Digital, MEXC Global, NGC Ventures, Axia8 Ventures, Oxbull, Exnetwork Capital, OIG, GAINS Associates, HUB Global, Lucid Realm, FEB, and so forth. 

Notably, DoragonLand is backed by V2B Labs – a visionary R&D firm in blockchain services with a $5,000,000 Grant Program that aims to provide financial investment for potential blockchain projects to contribute to the growth of the broader blockchain ecosystem. DoragonLand is also incubated by Creator Chain Network – Top 50 Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform and a rising star in the blockchain industry, ensuring smooth technological performance. 

In addition, the artwork and graphic designs in DoragonLand are produced by Thunder Cloud – a top-notch global studio of 3D craftsmanship that has contributed to the success of many games worldwide. Thunder Cloud is the trademark for world-class graphics that will further enhance players’ gaming experience and ensure a promising future prospect for DoragonLand with spectacular art design finesse. 

Image: DoragonLand

DoragonLand has recently announced a successful fundraising round with many prominent Japanese crypto investors, opening up tremendous opportunities for the GameFi project in the Japanese market where is regarded as a promised land for NFT games but with extremely harsh critics radical demand for innovative and advanced products.

This is also the reason why so many projects result in failure trying to get into this dreamland. DoragonLand has also left a remarkable impression on the Chinese market, where the NFT wave is proliferating. The GameFi project proudly announced its latest partnerships with well-established Chinese ventures, including NGC Ventures and Axia8 Ventures.

DoragonLand is on its way to actively expand local communities to Japan, China, Russia, Indonesia, and so forth. The NFT game project has a burning ambition to build and further develop engaging and passionate communities, hence, broaden their wide networks with well-esteemed investors and venture capital firms in the blockchain and crypto space.

DoragonLand strives to achieve transcendent milestones with their dedicated long-term companions and, together, create the next generation of the NFT gaming industry.

So what exactly makes DoragonLand stand out from other NFT game projects?

With the enormous potential of blockchain-integrated video games and the growing popularity of the Play-to-Earn model and Metaverse concept, the minds behind DoragonLand bring out a game that gives users opportunities to claim rewards of $DOR tokens and NFT collectible cards by completing quests, participating in exclusive events, and trading in-game land. 

The NFT gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace, with new projects released daily. Play-to-earn and other models are actively disrupting the gaming industries’ business model, and NFTs are widely seen as a gateway for mass blockchain adoption. However, many of these emerging projects seem to be following the blockchain trend rather than focusing on what matters to gamers: gripping gameplay, visual graphics, and a good narrative story plot. 

The DoragonLand team strives to create a unique NFT game wherein conventional game designs meet progressive technological mechanisms. With captivating gameplay, outstanding graphics, a highly-integrated technological model, and huge backers, DoragonLand promises to be a rising star in the NFT gaming arena as well as in the blockchain and crypto industry.

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