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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Drunk With Drizly – Review

Drizly, the Amazon for alcohol delivery that brings booze right to your front door. I got to review it, here’s what I think.


Drizly, it’s an app you can use to get alcohol delivered to you. If you’re unfamiliar, I recently wrote about it earlier this week. Find it here.

Anyways, imagine this situation: You playing the latest Madden on your PS4 or Xbox and the phone rings. You realize it’s your “boy”, pick up the phone and he’s magically arriving up to the house announcing his uninvited invitation. Now it’s the two of you, and there’s nothing to drink, and the awful awkwardness is killing you, because of course the uninvited friend has a concernable thirst for beer. Not only is he thirsty, but he’s lazy.Heeey!

In most cases we slugged our way to the liquor store by driving and having to deal with traffic, wait in line, deal with traffic again, and then carrying all the booze inside.

Let me let you in on something………

Those days are over!

I recently got to try this service out, and I must say, I was quite impressed. The app was easy to use, delivery time was reasonable, and the app is wicked easy to navigate.

Here’s how it works:

You sign up for an account by providing name, address, date of birth, credit card info, and of course you have to be 21. Pick out what you want, and then checkout. Anyone with a brain can use this app, it’s that easy.

After you place your order, you can actually track the order —like literally —all the way from the greeting with your driver, to him loading the delivery vehicle, all the way to seeing which route he’s taking on a map. When the driver gets there, they’ll call you and let you know they’re there. Pretty nifty stuff.

Click on any image below to access the photo gallery:

My overall experience with the app and delivery were really good. I would totally recommend this to friends. Seriously.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Catch A Buzz With Drizly

  1. You’re supporting local business
  2. Having to get up from your couch blows
  3. No more having to deal with the creepy liquor store attendants
  4. Not having to smell like cardboard and whatever a liquor store smells like. You know what I’m talking about.
  5. You’ll never have to get stuck in line behind a hardcore degenerate lottery ticket gambler.
  6. Never having to deal with traffic getting in the way of you seizing the opportunity to get plastered.
  7. Having a BBQ and have no time to make it to the LQ or The Packie? Need I say more?

If you’re thinking about what the cost of all this is, it’s not really much. Delivery charge was only $5 bucks, and you’ll have to kick in a tip to the driver, but that’s done automatically when you checkout. I had a $222 order (don’t judge, it wasn’t all for me, it was for the office), and the tip was only $20 buck. So in total, I only paid $25 to get everything delivered. Mind you, this was during rush hour, so that’s a no brainer in my book.

At the end of the day, these local guys from Boston have my stamp of approval. It’s beautiful. After it was all said and done, this was the end result:



Looking to try Drizly out? You can download it for Android or the iPhone. Find them at for more information.

Have you ever tried Drizly or heard of anyone you know try it? If you did, share them in the comments. 

UPDATE:  A representative from Drizly pointed out “you can edit you own tip amount, we don’t dictate and add it automatically for you without the power to change it.”

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