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Dubai, the technological development hub of the world


Dubai has attained a different position in recent years. It is a star in the UAE and the whole world looks forward to it. The booming economy has a lot to do with the industry and the tourism market. Shockingly enough, people even visit for fishing in Dubai.

The desert is now a market that attracts huge people starting from the celebrities to the owners of multinational companies. It is evident that such an important city will definitely have a place for the upcoming technologies of the world. You will find several people who visit Dubai especially to buy the latest gadgets because of its exposure to the world.

Some of the Technological advancements seen in the city:

As we said above, Dubai is planning to rise even higher in the upcoming years. They plan to make themselves technologically richer by the year 2021. This will include the provision of a better lifestyle for the residents as well as the tourists. But in recent years, Dubai has already reached greater heights than many other nations. Some of these include:

  • The Dubai Civil Defence along with the Martin Aircraft has invested in water-powered jetpacks that cost $35,000. They are custom made so that the firefighters can reach the spots along the shoreline by beating the traffic.
  • Almost all of us have heard about flying cars that will be amongst us in the future. But Dubai has already started trying out their ‘Autonomous Air Taxi’ service which will become the world’s first self-flying taxi service. The will be doing it through 18-rotor flying drones which will also be eco-friendly and fast for the passengers.
  • Robots are generally attached to advancements of Japan. But Dubai rolled out its first robot cop of the city. The robot will help people to report crimes instantaneously and they can also ask questions. Dubai also plans to make the robots half of their police force by the year 2030.
  • Surveillance of a place like Dubai has to be up-to-date. Dubai thinks that they do need cop cars that can work on their own so that they can have better security around the place. They have signed a contract with a Singaporean company OTSAW Digital to introduce the self-driving cop cars. The topmost speed of these cars will be 9.3 mph and they will be no less than the larger self-driven cars.

So, here are some amazing technological advancements that are taking place in the city. They are also trying to make their environment better by introducing huge stretches of solar panel plants and other strategies which will help them to cope up with sudden natural disasters. Dubai has also started a motion of digital literacy for its mass so that the residents can actually go ahead with the constant updates.

We can definitely hope that Dubai will emerge as one of the best cities present in the world in the near future. Their collaborations and efforts are already effective and they will remain so in the upcoming years.

Have you ever been to Dubai? Plan on going anytime soon? Let us know down below. 

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