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e-PR Inc. is developing a new PR online platform for the masses

Change the way you experience media.

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e-PR Inc. is proud to announce their new online platform, which will serve as the middleman for clients and media sites. This PR platform will be launching at the end of March 2020. The platform will work closely with clients to ensure that their brand will expand through Google and Yandex searches. 

By following an algorithm, e-PR assists the client in choosing a news outlet to advertise on, whether that be in the form of an article, interview, etc. Once chosen, the client will have a direct line of contact with the outlet, which allows for seamless communication in relation to the content being published. 

Note, although the help of a manager may be useful, it is not necessary if the client does not need such help. The platform is made to be an online shop, where one can browse through various media platforms and eventually choose ones they are interested in, based on a variety of factors such as budget, SEO, category, location and more. 

Due to there being thousands of options, the budget varies. Each news outlet has its own fee for published content, each changing, often in parallel to the popularity of the publication. This can be done for hundreds or thousands of dollars. The budget also varies depending on what the end goal of the client is. However, regardless of the end goal, one’s personal or corporate brand will inevitably expand as they will be at the top of Google searches from appearing in the media. 

CEO Yury Mosha stands behind expanding and growing an image in this new digital age. With the expansion of the internet, the logical step is to modernize and revolutionize the PR industry to create a comfortable and realistic platform for the consumer. 

Alongside comfort, the platform will be speedy, as an article can be drafted and published the very next day. Within 24 hours, the client would have immediate results.

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