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eBay is blowing out Nintendo Switch Pro controllers at just $59 right now

Don’t be a dummy and pay full price for this.

nintendo switch pro controller
Image: KnowTechie

If you own a Nintendo Switch and haven’t ponied up the funds yet for a Switch Pro controller, today is your best chance at grabbing one at a deep discount because eBay is offering them for just $59, today only.

The controller typically runs $69.99 which is pushing its value, but right now eBay has the controllers for $58.99, a much more fair price point. If you have a Switch and have been looking for either an extra controller for when friends come by (give them the Joy-Cons, you use the Pro controller, trust me) or just something better than Joy-Cons, definitely don’t pass this up.

Personally, between button layout, feel, and weight, it’s definitely a more desirable option than the Joy-Cons. Also, the Joy-Cons can feel a bit small in-hand, and the Pro controller alleviates that issue, as well. And at ust $59, this is a no-brainer.

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