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Elon Musk is now the “Technoking” of Tesla because everything is stupid and made up

Because everything is a meme now.

elon musk the technoking

Elon Musk is known for posting ridiculous things on Twitter and just generally being a “non-traditional” billionaire. He props up meme coins on Twitter, names his children strings of numbers and letters, and just generally trolls on social media.

In the latest chapter of this saga, a new SEC filing points to a new title for the CEO and yes, it is as absurd as you’d expect. Now, in addition to the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, he is also the “Technoking” of the electric car company.

The Technoking has also brought someone else on the ride, CFO Zach Kirkhorn, who is now the “Master of Coin,” in addition to Chief Financial Officer. It is assumed Master of Coin is in reference to Game of Thrones, and much like the last two seasons of that show, this entire idea should have been scrapped.

Yeah, I don’t really have much more to add here. Everything is stupid. Hopefully, this Master of Coin is better than Bronn.

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