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Email marketing tweaks to double your business

Let us brief you some email marketing techniques which will help double your output.

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Digital marketing is soaring with a whole new high as it has become one of the trendiest marketing techniques. The traditional marketing techniques used by many companies and organizations have been left behind by the success of digital marketing.

Though the traditional techniques like billboard advertising, advertisements displayed on TV, distribution of brochures and much more have helped organizations gain a large user-base. Digital marketing is prevailing and has become more popular.

One part of digital marketing is email marketing. A type of marketing which is audience-oriented and if done correctly will help you pace your company’s growth. Though it is trending and has seen a good high, many companies are still not paying attention to their email marketing campaigns.

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This, in turn, will turn out to be a loss for the company it would be similar to leaving a big bag of money out on the table. Basically, something which you could have easily attained but chose not to.

Now, as we mentioned earlier that email marketing is audience-oriented, well that is true. And, for it to work that way, a mail which is drafted should be according to the particular target audience. This means that a different set of an audience should receive a different set of emails. Now, to make that possible, should a person sit down and write numerous sets of emails?

Well, they can if they want to, or they can just opt for email templates. Email templates are pre-structured designs which can assist you in drafting an appealing mail. All you have to do is go online and search for email templates, Designmodo has plenty of them. They even have a variety of postcards newsletter templates available on their website.

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Once you have found the suitable template, all you have to do is enter the desired information and then you can circulate them accordingly. It is that easy! There is no hassle or need to construct an email from scratch. This is efficient and a person can get creative with their choice of templates.

Now, with all of that being said, let us brief you some email marketing techniques which will help double your output.

Tips on how to double your output when it comes to email marketing

  • Target the mobile industry

Sending emails to PCs and laptops will help you attain a good user-base, but that doesn’t cover the whole population of people you are targeting. One industry which should not be ignored when it comes to email marketing is the mobile industry, as it is quite vast.

Nowadays every individual is in a hurry or doesn’t have enough time for unnecessary things. Due to which individuals prefer a faster way of doing things. Like opening their mobiles to go through their emails rather than reading it via a laptop. This seems to be more efficient for them. And as it is known that there are mobile users than PC users, so not targeting the mobile industry would turn out to be harmful to the company.

  • Do not write ‘too wordy’ content

One drawback of emails is that many writers just put so much effort into writing the content that they forget it needs to be crisp and brief. You can write whole paragraphs and long sentences but it still wouldn’t get you a good response. Why so?

Well, for obvious reasons, no one has the time to read such big emails. Secondly, when emails contain way too much information they may overpower the subscriber or may even act as a drag. Thirdly, many users don’t even read emails which are lengthy, they just tend to ignore it. And in many cases, they just scroll down and unsubscribe to your company’s emails.

You have to make sure the mail you have drafted is crisp, has ample information but not too much and looks appealing.

  • Make sure your emails are compatible.

A digital marketing campaign is successful when its reach within its target audience is effective. To achieve this effectiveness you need to make sure your emails are compatible with the target audience’s devices.

This also includes the content within the mail should be readable and viewable by your subscribers. For this to happen you will have to code your mails in such a way that they are compatible with all platforms. For, which you need to possess the knowledge of HTML% and CSS.

However, there is another way around this, it is known as email templates. These mail templates are coded in such a way that they are compatible with all devices.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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