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Enjoy what you do and believe in what you can achieve: The story of Kristian Pengwin

This entrepreneur has the ambition to reach a much larger number of people and extend his brand internationally.

kristian penguin

Usually, passion or talent is difficult to combine with a job. For this reason, more and more young people are adapting to technology to make their art a job. This is what happened with the young entrepreneur Kristian Tumidajewicz better known in the networks as Kristian Pengwin.

This charismatic entrepreneur is dedicated to the analysis of sports commerce and cataloged in television programs as an expert. Kristian Pengwin of 24 years old is dedicated to creating content for his brand on Instagram and Telegram. He is a source of inspiration for young people who want to combine their passion with their work.

His performance has allowed him to gain more visibility over the years which means a resounding success. Social platforms have opened up many possibilities thanks to their reach. The content reaches many people in a short time. Kristian takes advantage of this to reach as many people as possible. His goal is to create interesting content for all his followers which is growing every day.

The First Step to Success

One spring, he discovered his passion for the sport. It was an escape for him after great suffering in his childhood due to personal and family problems. Society recognizes him for his work in the network since he was 18 years old. For many people, dedicating themselves to something they like is the best way to escape from problems and forget suffering. Two years later, when he turns 20, he focuses on the project that has paid off.

For his followers he represents a kind of motivator, which they have seen evolve over the years. They affectionately call him “ilpengwin” which means winning pengwin, because he is a successful winner. He has gained the appreciation of his followers. With great effort, he has created a source of employment for himself and has gained the mentality to face life.

Innovation and Differentiation

Sometimes we wonder how these types of entrepreneurs make money. Well, it’s simple, some charge their followers for sharing their work and knowledge. Others like ilpengwin offer their knowledge and work freely, getting paid by business partners.

One of the reasons why he does it is to convey to people his positive spirit and approach to life’s difficulties. In the hope of influencing and giving tools to some dreamer who wants to follow in his footsteps. His business idea is always aimed at achieving victories step by step.

This young entrepreneur was in no hurry to get results instantly and always thought about building before monetizing. It was always clear to him that he would monetize his brand through business partners, not through his followers. Kristian Pengwin thought of this plan as a long-term project. Although it was not easy to achieve, it was satisfying to overcome one by one all the challenges that were posed.

A Tip for New Entrepreneurs

Pengwin faithfully believes that the path is different for everyone. For him, the things that are learned only through life and experience are invaluable. If you don’t have a role model or someone to advise you on how to start your venture, don’t stop. Put in all your effort and you will see how little by little you will learn as you go and see your brand succeed. Maybe having someone who is your partner and has experience will help you reduce the time of work and get better results faster.

However, the experience that lets you do it on your own is priceless. This method has worked very well for Kristian Pengwin. With only 24 years he is considered an expert analyst in sports business. Additionally, his Instagram account has 450,000 followers and is growing every day while his Telegram channel has 350,000 subscribers and the numbers are still rising.

This entrepreneur has the ambition to reach a much larger number of people and extend his brand internationally. He is already working on a platform that aims to position itself as one of the best in the entertainment and information sector in the world.

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