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eSports gear 101: What to know & how to choose (+suggestions)

eSports gear can be detrimental to a professional gamer’s peak performance. Read our guide below to learn what the pros use and how to choose yours.

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Our reality is that you need the right equipment for every profession. Whether your career is that of a doctor, engineer, astronaut, or racing driver, technology has become indispensable nowadays. 

eSports gear is no different. All of the most important names in the gaming industry rely on the best of the best gaming components. With so many different suppliers and manufacturers releasing cutting-edge peripherals, making the right choice can be a sweet torment. 

Regardless, we’ve done the legwork in your stead and consulted some of the top pros for their preferred gear. Here is how to select the best gaming equipment for your needs (and a couple of tried-and-tested suggestions).

The Best eSports Gear & What To Look Out For

Gaming PCs are some of the most customizable pieces of hardware in professional electronic sports. Consisting of different components by default, these powerful machines possess interchangeable peripherals that can help make or break professional performances. 

Since PC gear is a multi-billion dollar global industry, we’ll take a closer look at what the pros have to say regarding each of the following PC components:

  • PC (main tower – crucial among eSports gear)
  • Gaming monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Gaming mouse
  • Headset.

Gaming PC (Main Tower)

maingear new vybe gaming pc pax east
Image: Maingear

By far, the most expensive segment when building a pro-level gaming PC is the tower or main PC. You will find countless trustworthy, experienced, and reputable companies building exceptionally powerful pro-gaming rigs out there. Each of these machines usually has different strengths and weaknesses and suits different players’ preferences.

However, it might be easiest to put your faith (and funds) into a brand that has already made a name in the world of reputable eSports gear. Regardless of how complicated it is to design and manufacture such powerful components, gamers simply want to harness all that power to gain an edge in competitive gaming.

Our Suggestion

As a result, most pros are happy with having boot-and-play ease-of-use, customization options, and brand familiarity as crucial factors. A much-loved example that incorporates all of these features is the Alienware Aurora R7 Gaming Desktop Computer i7-8700. Brand recognition is this rig’s particularly notable factor, thanks to Alienware’s partnership with Dell.

Indeed, Alienware is a household name in the eSports gear community, with a long history of providing monstrously powerful and reliable PCs. You should be able to run most current eSports games seamlessly on the Aurora R7. Its main grunt comes from Intel’s latest 8th-Gen Core i7-8700K processor and an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card

Customization options are endless thanks to effortless upgrades, and gamers can also play with changing the light-up logo display. This PC tower is excellent for both novice and more demanding gaming, and you can easily interchange components down the road.

Gaming Monitor

samsung 49 inch gaming monitor
Image: KnowTechie

Keeping up with and besting skilled opponents is impossible unless you can see what you’re doing. When it comes to top-of-the-line eSports gear, high-resolution graphics are essential for creating an edge. Monitors that can process and then display graphically demanding games are just as, if not more, necessary than a powerful PC tower.

Our Suggestion

Pro-level eSports gamers almost unanimously agree that the Asus ROG Swift PG270Q does the job exceptionally well. If you are an aspiring eSports gamer or one looking to hone your gaming prowess, this monitor should provide the necessary stepping stone. 

Another confidence-inducing feature of this particular PC monitor is that it is part of the Asus’ Republic of Gamers series. In other words, the company is paying close attention to the performance of this monitor series when under pressure during eSports settings. 

The ROG Swift PG270Q boasts a 1440p resolution and 165Hz refresh rate, making it capable of handling almost any pro-circuit game. Additionally, the screen comes in a 27-inch size, which means you have plenty of real estate at your disposal. 

On the other hand, you might suffer a bit due to limited connectivity ports. Most pro-gamers like to go all out in this aspect too, but the ROG Swift PG270Q only has G-Sync, a DisplayPort 1.2a, and an HDMI 1.4a. 


das mechanical keyboard mac professional
Image: Kevin Raposo / KnowTechie

There’s no going around the fact that a keyboard is every bit as vital to pro-gaming performances as all other peripherals. What you should be looking for is mobility, responsiveness, and durability. Once you get used to a specific keyboard for gaming, you might find it challenging to switch to a different type. 

Our Suggestion

We asked around and found that most pro-gamers and full-time streamers prefer the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. You won’t find the usual number pad on the right-hand side, thanks to gamers not using this keyboard section. Logitech realized this fact and scrapped this section altogether.

This keyboard is among the most celebrated eSports gear thanks to its small design, gamer mode (turns off the Window, Tab, and Alt keys), and built-to-last keys. This piece of hardware also features keys that “have a response time up to 10ms faster than the competition,” according to Logitech.

Gaming Mouse

razer naga trinity gaming mouse
Image: KnowTechie

Resist the temptation to save money with a cheap mouse after splurging on the tower and monitor. Microsecond decisions can mean the difference between top-level and mediocre gaming results. Therefore, you’ll want a mouse that can keep up with your reflexes. 

Our Suggestion

Taking to heart everything previously mentioned, we recommend considering the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. This lightweight and sleek option will go well with the Logitech keyboard from the previous section and features speed as its main characteristic.

Built with ambidextrous qualities, the G Pro mouse is among the lightest gaming mouses currently available. This mouse option should prove effective and easy to use regardless of whether you’re a novice gamer or a seasoned eSports gear enthusiast.

Gaming Headset

Communicating with your teammates is just as vital as having responsive hardware peripherals. If you’ve ever played Counter-Strike, you also know the importance of your opponents’ footsteps. 

Our Suggestion

We suggest you try the HyperX Cloud II, a standard and loved headset option among eSports fans and streamers. Costing less than $100, this headset is also a popular choice because it offers excellent value for money.

Comfort and style are two additional qualities of the Cloud II that further contribute to its fame. Game immersion shouldn’t be a problem thanks to 7.1 surround sound, and ease of use is available through plug-and-play (no software installation needed). The HyperX Cloud II is an excellent example of affordable but premium-quality eSports gear.

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