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Essential technologies that make casinos secure

facial recognition cameras monitoring surveillance
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Casino establishments and online gambling websites are constantly under attack by fraudsters and hackers. Each year more sophisticated scams are designed to attempt to fraud the operator out of lots of money. Those that do not invest heavily in the latest tech to help prevent and identify this type of behavior take place can lose millions in profits or even face financial bankruptcy.

In this article, I will talk about the essential technologies required that make casinos safe and secure.

There are two different types of casinos that both require different security systems to help become secure. The first is land-based establishments that deal directly in person with the gamblers and require close surveillance to help to spot fraud taking place. The second is online casinos such as Choice Casinos which have zero in-person relationships with punters; therefore, video surveillance is not required in this case.

When land-based casinos use video surveillance there are many regulations and rules that they have to adhere to. These are in place to ensure the gaming activities integrity along with protecting consumer’s privacy. This type of surveillance plays an important role in helping casinos spot fraud, analyzing consumer behavior along with been used for training purposes.

There are many essential technologies that the large casinos utilize to help prevent fraud. One of the most common is license plate readers as they are used to be able to identify cheaters vehicles so that they can be refused entry. They work by taking license plate snapshots of each car that enters the premise and then special software is used that can recognize the numbers and letters. That information is then automatically compared with the database to find out if that car is owned by any player who is on the banned list.

It is easy for fraudsters to get around license plate recognition software which is why more advanced technologies are been used to help with the prevention of cheating. One of those is facial recognition software which combines video imagery with biometrics when punters enter the building. It is able to quickly compare the images against a database and identify those who are banned from the establishment so that security staff can remove them.

One of the most advanced forms of security that casinos use is angel eye technology which helps prevent card switching. It works by invisible ink being placed on the cards as barcodes so that the system is able to track each card. Once all the cards are played after each game a button is pressed by the dealer which either confirms the results or sets of an alarm to warn security.

Another factor that land-based casinos have to guard against is the stealing of chips And also to help guard against anyone who attempts to make fraud copies of the chips. These can be cash in for real money so unless the operator has systems in place to prevent this, they could end up losing millions. The RFID technology is what is used to stop this from happening as it works by a chip been implanted so that they can be individually identified and confirmed to be real. A radio frequency is generated that an RFID reader is used to confirm it is owned by the casino and not fake.

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