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Eureka Groove- an idea that will revamp your home

Eureka’s latest invention, the Eureka Groove, is taking over the cleaning industry by a storm.

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Technology has been easing its way in our lives, profoundly influencing every single aspect of our lives. As it is continuously getting better and advanced, every tool that is being created today works to our advantage, and besides the obvious convenience, performing tasks have become much easier.

Since the world is being pushed towards an accelerated era of technological revolution, every field is coming up with new equipment to progress at the same pace to create innovative solutions for people, especially home appliances.

Thanks to this technological upsurge, we have access to Eureka Groove, a robot vacuum cleaner that makes keeping homes spick and spans easy!


5 reasons why Eureka Groove is a better robot vacuum than any other

A product of Eureka that has been bringing almost 100 years of innovation to cleaning, the Eureka Groove promises the best quality, performance, and value in vacuum cleaning. Besides being extremely affordable, there are so many reasons why Eureka Groove has become the top choice for you.

High-functioning BLDC motor

Usually, vacuum robots come with a BLDC Motor that has a suction power of 1300 PA. This is where Eureka Grooves outshines from the rest. This high-functioning vacuum robot has a BLDC Motor consisting of a huge suction power of 2000 PA that makes removing the dirt, dust, and debris found on and within hard and soft floors alike.

Hassle-free set up

There is more than one way to set up the Eureka Groove, and customers can choose whichever is convenient for them. Even though the robot comes with a remote, you have the option to download the Eureka App on your phone, and option that is extremely easy to set up. Once you have downloaded the app, you have access to all of its features, such as turning the vacuum on and off, telling the vacuum to recharge, creating a custom schedule, and accessing the different cleaning modes.  

Eureka Groove also supports Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With this, you can simply ask your Eureka Groove to start or stop cleaning and go back to the charging base, even set schedules for the robots to work automatically at a set time every day. Voice control support means totally hands-free cleaning.

Easy to clean

One of the biggest advantages of the Eureka Groove is its transparent design. Just because a machine is meant to clean doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to stay clean itself.

Through the transparent lid on the brush roll, users can easily see if the brush roll needs to be cleaned without having to turn it upside down as well as keeping their hands clean. For further convenience, the robot is built with a tooth-like design that effectively reduces tangles while the brush roll spins, ensuring smooth cleaning.

Fantastic climber

With Eureka Groove, transitioning between hard and soft floors as well as carpets is not a big either. Built with the GrooveGear, the robot’s climbing gear makes it easy to move from hard floor to carpet and over door thresholds. The Eureka Groove can surmount over 20 mm (approx. 0.8 inches) on floors.

Anti-scratching brush roll

Besides being an excellent cleaner, the Eureka Groove is also a great protector of floors. Crafted with the anti-scratching brush roll, its specially angled soft bristle brushes and flexible rubber blades protect more delicate as well as hardwood surfaces.

About Eureka

In 1909, Eureka was created by Fred Wardell in Detroit, Michigan, with a complete line of vacuum cleaners. Fred’s line of vacuum cleaners was lighter than the portable vacuum cleaners designed by James Murray Spangler, which were made of wood and tin. Hence, the company’s aim became bringing innovative house cleaning solutions to the people.  

Eureka began to set new standards of innovation after Midea Group acquired the company in 2017. Under Midea Group, Eureka has turned into a customer-focused innovation center that adapts to the needs of the customers and has launched innovative solutions such as the RapidClean Pro NEC180Stylus NEC380Flash NES510, and of course, the Eureka Groove.

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Eureka’s latest invention, the Eureka Groove, is taking over the cleaning industry by a storm. Besides understanding customer needs, the company ensures providing its customers with top quality at the most affordable prices.

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