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Everything you need to know about digital ad tech

If you do not know what it means, this article attempts to explain what ad tech is and why it is relevant.

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The internet is presenting many opportunities today. From Facebook advertising to Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, there are many ways businesses can make money. People are increasingly spending more time on social media, and that is why online advertising is becoming a lucrative chance for companies to find leads.

In the mix of things, you may have heard of the term ad tech (ad technology). If you do not know what it means, this article attempts to explain what ad tech is and why it is relevant.

What is Ad Tech? 

Ad tech is the systems that people use to manage tools use for online advertising campaigns. It entails the entire ad delivery process from ad selection, positioning, and audience selection. There are several advantages to utilizing ad tech. These include the ability to maximize the effects of your campaigns by considering all the possible success factors, increased brand recognition, and greater efficiency which, results in increased profits. 

Successful Ad Tech campaigns

Ad technology is, however, not an easy ride. It requires loads of strategy to achieve results. Remember, you will be spending money to create adverts that people will want to click on and maybe be convinced to make a purchase. For all your financial output, you will need a good Return on Investment. To navigate and make sense of the enormous data online and come up with a working strategy, you may need to employ the services of an ad tech company

The basics of Ad Tech

Ad tech is all about delivering adverts that meet the end goal of the business. For an advert to be successful, you need to collect and process user activity in a particular platform. How data collected is used will determine the effectiveness of the ad. There are several ways that you can gather data on the activities that take place on a site. 

One of the methods of gathering data is monitoring who is hanging around your site. That involves using machinery that gathers info in one place. You can either do it yourself or hire a third party to do the work for you. Sources of data include referring sites, a consumer’s journey, behavior on the site, events, demographics, search queries, interaction with an ad, comments, and more. 

Real data statistics from profiled people enables you to craft the right message and deliver the right product to the right audience. 

Players in Ad Tech and how adverts are monetized

In ad tech, there are advertisers who come up with the ads, the publishers who own the space, and the ad exchanges who provide communication between the two parties. Modes of earning include cost per Impression or cost per mile, cost per lead where an ad generates contacts, cost per action or cost per install, and cost per click. 

Ad tech mainly revolves customer retargeting; which is monitoring customer behavior online, transferring collected data to a data management platform, and using the data to produce relevant content. 

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