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Everything you need to know about smart Z-Wave blackout shades

Bring comfort and simplicity to your lifestyle by ordering smart Z-wave blackout shades now and enjoy a truly smart living. 

zwave blackout shades
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The motorized blackout shades that lower or raise automatically at the set schedule or manually by just pressing a single button may sound like a luxury hotel or million-dollar mansions stuff. But gone are the days when these products were only available with a huge price tag, thanks to the Smart Z-Wave Blackout Shades.

A few years back, smart window blackout shades were available with only a few options, even at well-heeled facilities. But now it’s available with automatic configuration as well. But why would one buy the smart blackout shades? Let’s learn about their benefits.

Benefits of Using Smart Blackout Shades

  • Energy Saving

You can connect the smart Z-wave blackout shades to the smart hub to reduce the energy consumption that your HVAC system uses. The window blackout shades react independently to sunlight sensors and temperature readings, which are also connected to your smart hub.

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As a result, the window shades automatically know when to fold-up during the hottest hours of the day to minimize HVAC usage and when to roll-down during winters when a little sunshine knocks at our window to naturally warm up your room.

  • Smart & Convenient

There are three options to open and close the window shades: a remote control, pressing a button, or an app on your smartphone. To avoid heat loss and minimize solar gain, window covering is a proven method.

And if opening and closing windows are this convenient, then it’s highly expected that one will remember to do so to get its benefits. In addition to that, the pre-set open and close features handle everything for you.

  • Child And Pet-Friendly

Parents and pet-owners know that window shades without cords are a blessing. They don’t have to worry about keeping the strings out of the reach of children and pets.

Additionally, the smart blackout window shades make a perfect sleep environment for toddlers and shift workers by darkening the entire space.

  • Security

By setting or remotely controlling the window shades schedule, you can show that someone is in the home, and it can help to fool would-be burglars. Also, when it connects with the smart hub system, the window shades can shut when you leave and open when returning home through automation.

Smart Z-Wave Blackout Shades Are Perfect For Every Space

The smart window shades provide ultimate privacy flexibility and light control for:

  • Homes
  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Schools and auditoriums
  • Home Theaters

Blackout Shades Installation 

The Smart window blackout shades operate on regular time intervals based on your set programming which you select according to your needs and requirements. It makes the shades work automatically according to your weekly schedule.

Bring comfort and simplicity to your lifestyle by ordering smart Z-wave blackout shades now and enjoy a truly smart living. 

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