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Everything you need to know white labeling

Here are the benefits of using a white label solution.


The biggest mistake most business owners make is doing everything themselves. Fearing their lack of budget in hiring additional employees or not getting the result they want, stop their company from being successful.

Well-known companies such as Google, Alibaba, Walmart, and Slack outsource their services to white-labeled companies, allowing them to free up time and focus on their business goal.

What is White Labelling?

White labeling is hiring and rebranding another company’s software, service, or product and offering them as your own. Outsourcing to an agency that has more extensive distribution networks, quickly expanding their product and service lines without producing them from scratch, allowing companies to start up in different markets quicker.

This creates a win-win situation for both companies; The white label agency has business developing products/services at a cheaper rate, reselling at an affordable price. While your company provides complete solutions, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

The benefits of using a white label solution are:

  1. Expand Your Services – Outsourcing your solutions or specific needs, to white label agencies. Having professionals to complete your job ensures quality and speed without needing to hire additional resources. Make sure you find out more about each company that you outsource your services to. Your business’s brand and reputation rely on the product and services that they deliver.
  2. Cost-Effect Solutions – For companies to stay competitive, continuously providing new services, is essential for your business to scale. Utilizing white label agencies allows you to tap into new markets such as marketing analysis and product development, providing new products to your clients. This will save you time and money from hiring new employees, allowing you to focus on your business goals.
  3. Access To The Latest Technology – The advantage of working with white label companies is their on-going development by following the latest trends and technology to improve their product continually. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in their industry and having access to current tools and software.
  4. Brand Credibility and Customer Loyalty – Developing ready-made, professional service solutions to the customer, resulting in satisfaction and delight. This builds customer loyalty as they trust your services while increasing your business’s brand by being able to deliver specific products.

When to use White Label Marketing

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Hiring Digital Marketers can manage PPC campaigns, generate ROI reports, track metrics and analytics, and design ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. You become the middleman of the digital marketing service and the customer. Managing front-facing and back-end communication channels are crucial to successful customer experience. 

Here are scenarios when you should consider using white label marketing services: 

  • Client Asking for Additional Services – Hiring additional resources can be time-consuming and costs more money. If your company doesn’t offer specific services such as Search Engine Optimization, outsourcing the service to an expert company can provide peace of mind.
  • Sales are declining – Losing sales means you’re targeting the wrong audience, or your marketing results are unsatisfactory. Asking the help of experts can provide an objective analysis of your current strategies, marketing tactics, and teaching you to help your customers get better results, steering you in the right direction.
  • Lack of Expertise – Marketing is a skill that takes years of experience and training to master. Providing the best service and results is crucial for all businesses to succeed. If you lack the marketing and SEO experience, hiring an in-house marketing team can be costly. Using a white label marketing alternative can provide you a sense of relief while improving your brand credibility and customer loyalty.

How to scale my business using White Label Marketing

The focus for all companies is sales and expanding their market. Being able to reach more customers through brand recognition and customer loyalty is crucial for success. 

There are two ways SEO White Labelling Solutions can grow your business:

Sales-Focused Approach

More sales, more revenue. The White Label business will focus on delivering the end product, while your business focuses on capturing more leads and customer service. This is the best way to grow and scale your company quickly. Make sure the White Labeling Agency that you use can handle the workload.

Value-Adding Approach

Focusing on long-term clients and providing additional services can increase your revenue stream. Having ready-made, comprehensive solutions offer more options to the customer, increasing their customer loyalty and brand credibility as being the best marketing solution in that industry. Perfect for web design companies or businesses looking for additional SEO services.

A professional SEO service can skyrocket customers’ businesses by attracting more leads and sales, and that’s what Edge Online provides to you. Edge’s white-labeled SEO allows you to take all the credit, while we do all the hard work. Guaranteed to increase your brand recognition, customer loyalty, and revenue stream.

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