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Ex Intel exec, Ravi Jacob becomes the chairman of Snatch App – a challenger to Whatsapp

It seems that the user-acquisition strategy of Snatch App is quite simple: features that nobody can compete with. 

Image: Snatch App

Snatch App, is rumored to be making bold moves in the chat app sector. The company announced that Ravi Jacob, who is the former vice president and treasurer of the Intel Corporation, is now the chairman of both the company and the board. Whatsapp and Messenger are not going to appreciate this move because Snatch App is rolling out features that they simply cannot compete with. Analysts will likely consider this as a key move in the AI, business and social media sector as we will discuss below.

Ravi Jacob is known as one of the top innovators in tech, with a special eye for revenue diversification and creative solutions in highly competitive markets. He was the corporate vice president and treasurer of Intel Corporation. Prior to being treasurer, Ravi was the VP of Finance and Asst. Treasurer for M&A. Ravi told the press: “I am honored to join Snatch App and look forward to working with the other Board Members and the team in continuing to provide our users with exemplary messaging services as well as partnering with the communities for which we serve to do so,”

Henri Benezra, The CEO of the Snatch group of companies that includes Snatch App said:

“Ravi’s background in management and finance makes him a perfect addition as chairman of the company. As the messaging industry adopts new innovative technologies to improve customer experience and privacy data, having someone with Ravi’s knowledge will really support Snatch App’s efforts to reach our goal.”

What is Snatch App?

It is essentially a new generation, free and secure AI messaging and calling app that is backed up by the AI technology of SnatchBot, a world leader in AI and chatbots. It provides secure calls and messages from all media types that are end-to-end encrypted. Due to the extensive security and privacy features along with other unique AI capabilities that no other chat app to date could provide, It is predicted to take substantial market share from Whatsapp, Skype and Viber – most likely messenger too.

How will this chat app be different?

As Avi BenEzra the CTO said:

“Our product development team and engineers ensured that there will be significant points of differentiation to make Snatch App indispensable. This includes forward and backward secrecy, message revocation, shredding, disappearing messages, payment and money transfer, a chatbot directory and acting as a channel for chatbots, with AI embedded and predictive capabilities.”

Users need security through military-grade end-to-end encryption of all communication types.  This is precisely what Snatch App offers as a unique advantage. The encryption strength makes use of a combination of 256-bit-symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and secure key exchange for every conversation.

For business users, there is the added advantage of delivering a world-class experience in automation by tapping into clever AI bots that can interact with customers in real-time. Combining AI bots with human agents is something that will run very smoothly via Snatch App.

Another interesting feature that is great during a time of digital payment revolution is money transfers: which Snatch App will facilitate between users. The freelancer and SME market, in particular, require a solution like this in order to break free from Paypal dominance.

Going global: Snatch App supports at least 53 languages and has been developed for any device including Windows Desktop and Android.

Technology leaders with a track record of success:

Ravi Jacob received an Intel Achievement Award for his ground-breaking strategies that paid off: he helped the company generate more than $600 million in cash benefits.

Henri Ben Ezra, the CEO, has a huge track record of starting unicorn businesses in both France, the UK, and Israel. He is also known for his record sale of HGT Telecom to Bouygues S.A.

Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO, always collaborated with his brother Henri. He is known as one of the biggest authorities on AI research and innovation.

Other notable individuals include Johan Lamant, CFO and Ivan Usatchev, director.

Trying out the new app:

It seems that the user-acquisition strategy of Snatch App is quite simple: features that nobody can compete with.

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