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Experiences like Kendra’s highlights how Nobul simplifies the home buying process

The use of technology and online platforms like Nobul has made buying and selling a home a whole lot easier. 

From scheduling tours and making offers to executing purchase agreements and negotiating closing costs, when it comes time to buy a property, homebuyers need the assistance of an experienced real estate agent who can advocate the best possible deal for them. Traditionally speaking, homebuyers can find a real estate agent through word of mouth, open houses, or social media; but what if instead, they could connect with a qualified agent through a one-stop-shop platform?   

Kendra, a first-time home buyer, wanted to buy a house in Miami Gardens, Florida. Using a company called Nobul, she was able to find and hire an experienced agent, tour the property, and have an offer accepted within only 10 days.  What’s more, Kendra received $3,000 cashback from Nobul just by using the platform. 

The Nobul platform simplifies the process of connecting with a real estate agent by establishing what it’s calling “the world’s only open digital marketplace connecting home buyers and sellers to the right real estate agent for them.”

Kendra, who like many first time homebuyers has a detailed wishlist of desired amenities, says using Nobul was very helpful and made the whole process enjoyable.

“Once I filtered my specific things I was looking for in the process of purchasing my new home, they sent me out availabilities once or twice a week.  It was very easy to use, even for people that aren’t very computer literate, it still seemed easy,” she says. 

Through Nobul’s platform, Kendra was connected with local Miami Gardens agent, Luke Thornton, who was happy to help guide her with the search.  “Nobul provided me a client directly who was looking to purchase a home for the first time in my area.  Between the time of the initial call to the close of the transaction was less than three weeks,” Thornton notes.

The use of technology and online platforms like Nobul has made buying and selling a home a whole lot easier.  Anyone who’s ever been in Kendra’s position is more than aware of what a hassle it can be to go through the traditional real estate process. It’s a long, drawn-out, and tedious time commitment that can often take months to deliver results. 

On the flip side, for today’s real estate agents, there’s no question that many pour a ton of money into self-marketing efforts. That’s free enterprise, of course, and many of those agents eventually earn a high profile in their marketplace and a significant number of clients. On the downside, many if not most agents don’t have deep pockets, so they miss out on opportunities for which they might be ideally suited.

That’s where Nobul’s platform provides a key service. 

At its most fundamental, it works like any number of “matchmaking” sites that are currently online to help employers connect with employees, vendors with clients and other groups of people who are seeking each other. In Nobul’s case, it’s real estate-specific.

Prospective home buyers and sellers are invited to complete an online profile stating their wants, needs, and more. Similarly, real estate agents create their own online profiles. Agents review buyers’ and sellers’ needs and submit proposals to them. The buyers and sellers can then compare and contrast proposals and contact the agent who appears to be the most advantageous fit.

“The Nobul model enables consumers to choose the agent who presents a combination of services, pricing, reputation, and fit that is best suited to them personally,” says Founder, Chairman, and CEO Regan McGee. “Agents are given access to a wide client base, while consumers are given multiple agents competing for their business.”

According to McGee, “Nobul provides the transparency customers have been demanding for decades.”

McGee, a licensed real estate broker, is a 20-year industry veteran. Prior to establishing Nobul, he served as President of McGee Capital, a real estate and private equity company that he founded to source and structure superior global real estate investment opportunities for its client firms. In Toronto, he’s earned a reputation as the investment insider that other professionals turn to for advice. He says the Nobul platform is now disrupting the industry, even in its relative infancy.

“We’ve seen how the power of digital open marketplaces has affected real change for consumers in Canada, and we are really excited to bring the same value and benefits to our friends across the border. The largest transaction in most people’s lives should come with transparency, choice, simplicity, and trust,” explains McGee.

The approach has been very successful so far.

Today, the company is exploring expansion opportunities across North America and increasing its presence in several key US markets, including Florida and Texas. 

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