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Facebook is working with Spotify to make it easier to share music on the social network

Apparently, it’s called Project Boombox.

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On Monday, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new initiative, referred to as “Project Boombox.” This new initiative is a combined effort between Facebook and Spotify. It aims to allow Facebook users to listen to and share music via Spotify while using Facebook’s apps.  

To that end, Facebook plans to introduce a new in-line audio player that will allow Facebook users to listen to music without linking to an external website or an app. According to Zuckerberg, they are “basically making an audio, first-class type of media.” They are planning to improve the ability of musicians and podcasters to share their work on Facebook

At the moment, they have tested this new feature in Thailand and Mexico. US-based users will be able to experience it in about a week. 

An interview with Casey Newton has revealed many things regarding Facebook’s new audio aspirations. Among those, the most notable was Facebook’s effort into the audio world. In addition to “Project Boombox” that revolved around the integration with Spotify, Zuckerberg also revealed “Soundbites”, a new tool that will allow Facebook users to create short-form audios. As an added value, Soundbite users will be able to add audio effects and filters to their recordings. Zuckerberg described it as TikTok, but for audio recordings. 

Simultaneously, the long-form audio will be supported via the Spotify integration, which will be introduced to US users in the future. That way, Facebook users will be able to easily tap into their favorite podcasts and music available via Spotify without switching apps. 

Last but not least, Zuckerberg spoke about Facebook’s live audio rooms. He expects this to be a popular feature, especially with groups. To increase the appeal of this feature, Facebook plans to add tipping. That way, participants will be able to tip creators using Facebook’s digital currency called “Stars.”

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