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FamilyTime review – is this parental control app really useful?

Many consider FamilyTime as the best parental control app because it has features that aren’t typically offered by its counterparts.

FamilyTime app

Technological advancement has brought us many amazing tools such as the internet.

However, how a tool is used entirely depends on its user. The internet is a source of education, entertainment, communication, business, and so on. But, it can prove to be dangerous in the hands of a child if left unsupervised.

If you’re a parent who wishes to safeguard the innocence of your kids, opting for the best parental control app such as FamilyTime is indeed the best solution.

What is the FamilyTime app?

It is a parental control application that caters to every concern a parent may have. You can use it to monitor kids of all age groups including teens.

With a user-friendly parental control hub laced with dynamic and unique features, this app has quickly risen through the ranks of best parental control apps.

Its four affordable monthly packages and compatibility with iOS, Android, and Amazon devices make it a more appealing choice for parents.  

What does it offer?

From screen time limit to location tracking to SOS/Panic Button and so much more, FamilyTime parental control offers something for every parent.

Not convinced it is the best parental control app, yet? Keep reading and you will be convinced that it is. 

Image: FamilyTime

SOS/Panic button

FamilyTime app arms your kids with a defensive mechanism that is always at their disposal. The SOS/Panic button feature is specifically designed for kids so they can instantly alert their parents in case of an emergency.

For instance, if they get attacked by bullies or by a stranger or have a medical emergency, they can press the button to alert the parents of their location.

Do you forget when to pick up your kids?

If you have trouble remembering when to pick up your kids from school or classes, etc. FamilyTime’s Pick-Me-Up button is your savior. This button alerts the parents of the time and location of their kids. 

Track your kids’ location

If you worry about your kids’ safety once they leave the house, you are not alone. FamilyTime app puts your worries to rest by sending you real-time location alerts of your kids. You can also save and monitor the previous and present location history.

Create a geofence

If you want to know when your child enters and leaves a certain place e.g., school, a friend’s house, a mall, etc. creating a geofence helps you with this.

You can also create alerts for places you don’t wish your kids to go. If they enter those places, you will be immediately notified.

Keep an eye on their messages & calls

This app allows parents to monitor offline calls and text messages. Parents get to see who their kids have been talking to and what activities they have been involved in.

This comes in handy if your kids start to get secretive and you feel like they are up to no good. This allows you to intervene and take preventive measures before the damage is done.

Ensure internet safety

The FamilyTime app has one of the best internet filters in the business. It allows parents to not just block entire websites but, also block content related to specific keywords.

For instance, you can create a block list of keywords and this filter will remove all related text, images, and videos from the search results.

This ensures your kids don’t get access to any questionable or inappropriate content. 

Create a watchlist

If you’re worried your kid might fall in with the wrong crowd, you can create a watchlist of people whom you don’t want your kids to be in contact with.

So, whenever they try to contact your kid, you will get an instant alert. This allows you to intervene as and when needed.

Set screen time schedules

The FamilyTime app helps you schedule when your kids may use their devices. For instance, you can set up your kids’ device to become inaccessible at mealtimes, bedtimes, during study hours, and so on.

Limit screen time

Limiting your kids’ screen time has never been easier.

With this app, you can set up your kids’ device settings as you like. If you want them to use screens for one hour at a time, you can do that.

 Teach them the importance of saving time

If you want your kids to know how important it is to save time, you can motivate them to spend less than their allocated time on their devices per day.

The unused time will be deposited in their TimeBank. This time can later be used with the FunTime feature during a holiday or whenever the parents allow it.

 Want to take away screen privilege? 

You’ll truly believe that FamilyTime is the best parental control app because this app allows parents to take their kids’ screen privilege away with simply the tap of a button. Kids cannot bypass its security to use their device unless you allow it.

Help your teens to drive safely

If you have teenagers who drive or have recently learned to drive, this feature can help you monitor their speed limits and send you alerts if they go over their assigned limits.

Can I afford it?

With the amazing array of features, this app offers, one might assume it would be expensive.

However, the FamilyTime app is quite affordable. It has four different monthly payment plans ranging between $1.15/month and going up to $2.25/month.

You can get this app without carving out a huge chunk of your budget. With limited features, you can also test this app for three days for free.

Conclusion: is FamilyTime a good choice?

familytime app

It is a very versatile app that works with Android and iOS devices. However, a few features exclusively work on Android devices. With everything said, FamilyTime is a great app loved by countless parents.

Many consider it the best parental control app currently available in the market because it has features that aren’t typically offered by its counterparts.

Download the app for free from App Store or Play Store.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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