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Fans using Fight to Fame to support their biggest idols

What makes this show appealing to the public is mainly because it’s grounded in the reality that each contestant is just aspiring to become the next big star. 

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There’s nothing like a strong and supportive fan base for shows and movies. We often see people make fan pages or create fan art for their idols and it adds to the publicity of certain shows and movies.

Reality TV shows thrive off fans that show their support for their favorite stars and it’s immensely helpful that these fans create a strong community. Through these communities, the show gets stronger support and reaches a wider audience.

That’s why Fight to Fame uses this kind of format. The more the fans get to engage with the show, the stronger the fan base becomes. This kind of engagement alone can power the show itself.

Who These Idols Are

When Fight to Fame launched, the show had several ambassadors to promote the show to the world. One of them is Chris Van Heerden, a renowned World Champion boxer. Since he already has a lot of titles to his name, being an ambassador helps the show reach a wider crowd.

Athletes from all over the world are interested in joining this contest because of an easier path to fame. You can follow this link to learn more about Fight to Fame.

Being a reality show, just about anybody can join the competition. The only catch is, these potential contestants have to be willing to go through several tests and training to equip them for the grand finale.

We can expect to see average joes joining the contest – faces you’ve never seen before. Some of these people might have tearjerking stories, while others might even be a familiar face you’ve seen in amateur fights.

More often than not, these people might even be athletes who want to take a chance with their careers. Point is, we don’t know what to expect other than a good time.

Opportunity to Support

This new reality TV show seems like the typical one – inviting the average person to grab the chance to become the next big star.

But unlike other shows, this one’s built on blockchain technology and it’s definitely changing the game. Fight to Fame’s business model uses a blockchain, sports, and film business profit model that’s not just beneficial for the producers but also for the players as well.

For the second round of the show, fans are given the chance to support their idols through a blockchain voting system. The show has its own tokens that viewers can purchase to support and vote for their idols on the show.

Other than that, these tokens also allow fans to have access to exclusive events during the show. Not only will it support their idols, but they’ll also get exclusive passes.

On a different note, the support these contests have can easily jumpstart the careers of its contestants. It doesn’t matter whether or not the contestant wins the competition, what matters is they already have a solid fan base that will help them in their rise to popularity.

What makes this show appealing to the public is mainly because it’s grounded in the reality that each contestant is just aspiring to become the next big star.

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