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Fifa Tournaments: Are they getting any better or competitive?

The integration of true sporting superstars with the most talented gamers on the planet is a positive move for this franchise.

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Soccer, or football, the biggest sport on the planet for all of modern memory has finally seen a new spin on its classic game. The world of professional video gaming has embraced Fifa has one for the future.

North American kids are used to growing up playing EA’s NHL, NBA, and Madden. They are the most enjoyable of multiplayer experiences and many rainy days, and sunny ones, are spent competing on those three titles with friends. However, for much of the rest of the world, one gaming title has stood apart in popularity, that of Fifa

The first time I attempted to play Fifa against an English friend of mine I was dominated to the tune of 8-0. I had no idea that this title had even existed the hour prior, and yet it was clear this ‘gentleman’ could have hit double digits quite easily against me on account of playing it for years. He then went on to tell me about the flourishing world of Fifa esports.

And, most amazingly, that there was a World Cup of sorts held annually to champion a singular winner. This tournament, known as the ‘Fifa eWorld Cup’ has a significant following and features the best from around the globe, and I truly mean that.

The Fifa eWorld Cup has been broadcast on television in more than 100 countries worldwide at past tournaments. The eWorld Cup is an evolution of the Fifa Interactive World Cup which has been a staple of the game’s competitive scene since 2004. As sports game fans will know, each year the developers release a new iteration of the franchise. It not only updates the player-base, but also features improved technology, controls, and graphics. Take THAT VAR!

The tournament has received such an enormous following that sportsbooks have begun listing markets for punters to bet on professional gamers representing their nations just as you would traditional football teams. 

A title that has been as long-lasting as Fifa could not have done so if the game lacked a truly competitive nature nor ‘luck’. We see in traditional sports all the time how the variance of a ball-bouncing in one direction or the spacing between players or the speed of the wind can affect the outcome of a game. Esports is no different. However, looking over a list of the winners of the FIWC and then the eWorld Cup it is clear that the game is thriving in every corner of the globe.

Not only has no player won consecutive titles, but no nation has ever done so either. The past winners have come from Brazil, England, Netherlands, Spain, France, Serbia, Portugal, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. The only player to win two titles in the 15-year history was Alfonso Ramos, from Spain, who won titles in 2008 and 2012. Other than him, only one other player has even been a finalist twice. This describes a competitive scene that is saturated with talent. 

Additionally, the eWorld Cup has had numerous host nations globally, with the most recent three being held at a phenomenal facility in London. The past few years have seen remarkable backing from Fifa and its partners. The recent champion even was introduced to Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

The integration of true sporting superstars with the most talented gamers on the planet is a positive move for this franchise. While the competitive esports scene for every title could always be improved, the FIFA community is not going anywhere and will continue to grow and thrive!

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