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Fitscope Studio is like Peloton, but for low-impact workouts

With so much to offer to so many people, Fitscope’s unique studio classes are designed to help people get the most out of their home fitness equipment

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Image: Fitscope Studio

In today’s time, not just Gen Z but an increasing number of people across different age groups are accustomed to consuming everything on-demand.

This includes services like F&B, Entertainment, Travel, and even Fitness. But the problem is that there is still a big gap in the fitness industry in terms of providing on-demand sessions to people looking for an efficient low-impact workout regime.

While there are enough and more options available for people who are into weight training, pilates, Crossfit, etc., seniors, as well as people looking for low-impact workouts, find it difficult to keep themselves fit and motivated even if they want to. 

According to WHO, people who are insufficiently active have a 20% to 30% increased risk of death compared to people who are sufficiently active.

As more & more people in the US begin to realize the importance of physical activity despite their personal challenges and limitations, a bigger problem stops them from using their fitness equipment to their advantage.

Fortunately, the all-new recumbent bike classes by Fitscope Studio are helping change this scenario by providing a studio cycling experience from the comfort of home. 

When it comes to low-impact workouts or for people who are new to working out, Recumbent bikes are undoubtedly the most suitable choice.

Interestingly, low-impact workouts are not just limited to seniors but are recommended to a larger segment of the population including those who have certain health conditions, are recovering from an injury, or want to multitask while exercising.

Not just this, Recumbent bikes are also popular with athletes since they help prevent soreness and allow for more extended periods of workout with less fatigue.

Despite its multifold benefits, high-quality trainer-led classes for recumbent bikes have been nonexistent. That’s exactly where Fitscope Studio comes into the picture.

With motivating instructors, awesome music & workout sessions for any and every equipment brand across all levels, Fitscope is emerging to be the go-to platform for users who want access to an immersive studio cycling experience from the comfort of their homes.

Regular exercise bikes require users to support their weight on their hip bones (pelvis) and their hands, causing them to assume a rounded back posture. This is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to back pain.

A recumbent bike provides the right back support and reduces strain on the user’s back and hips compared to standard exercise bikes. A 2017 study found that recumbent bikes are beneficial for individuals with cardiac limitations.

The recumbent bike’s low placement makes it more accessible for individuals with mobility impairments and wheelchair users. Recumbent bikes are also recommended as an endurance conditioning exercise for older adults with hip and knee pain.

Most of the other competitors in this space provide training focused on their own equipment. That’s why people in the US and across the globe find it challenging to continue their workout with the same zeal and work toward achieving their fitness goals without spending much.

On the other hand, Fitscope classes are designed to work with all brands of cardio fitness equipment. What’s more- FitScope’s instructors teach using industry-wide metrics and even display graphic overlays during the classes to help overcome differences in equipment brands such as resistance settings.

Like recumbent bikes, ellipticals offer a low-impact workout as well. However, while recumbent bikes primarily target the lower body, ellipticals target both the upper and lower body.

Being suspended in the air also gives users a lower rate of perceived exertion, which may cause users to endure more prolonged periods of exercise.

By opting for the newly launched series of Fitscope Studio’s Recumbent bike classes, users across levels- beginner through advanced and low-impact, can find a better alternative to Peloton at a fraction of the cost. 

Recumbent bike classes are great low impact workouts, especially suited for the below-mentioned categories:

  • Senior exercise
  • Pre and post-natal exercise
  • Rehabilitation
  • Beginners just starting cardio routines
  • Anyone with mobility issues who has difficulty climbing on any other type of bike

Recumbent bikes come in various forms, so people should consider their abilities, fitness goals, and health concerns to find a bike that suits them before making a purchase.

After the purchase is done, users can join Fitscope’s on-demand sessions matching their fitness level and interests without worrying about anything else.

Fitscope offers online studio classes for dumbbells, bodyweight-based strength training, HIIT workouts, ellipticals, rowing machines, air bikes, and treadmills to allow people to vary their workouts while obtaining maximum benefits. 

With so much to offer to so many people, Fitscope’s unique studio classes are designed to help people get the most out of their home fitness equipment without having to spend more money on new equipment.

Fitscope is the exclusive home of CHOREO™ indoor cycling, RHYTHM ELLIPTICAL™, RHYTHM ROW™, and RHYTHM RECUMBENT™ workouts.

On a mission to provide the best-in-class fitness sessions for those who need it the most, Fitscope aspires to help more and more people every day to burn more calories and build greater strength in less time than working out alone on their equipment.

Fitscope also offers other classes, including yoga, pilates, tai chi, and strength workouts.

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