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Five ways to make a video game more challenging and fun

You can create your own rules to render the levels harder and more challenging

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Different people have different video gaming preferences. Some want a nice, relaxing game, while others look for an enjoyable story without having to deal with a lot of difficulties. 

And then there are others who are only satisfied if the games offer an arduous, grueling challenge. If you are like these gamers, then we have listed some good ways to make your easy, fun video games more challenging. 

Install a mod 

A good way to increase the difficulty of an easy game is to search for a suitable mod and install them on your computer. You can find many famous PC games that can be modded to make them more challenging. They will increase the number of enemies or make them more dangerous for you. While in some cases, these mods will reduce your own strength and vitality. 

Avoid upgrades 

Normally we use upgrades and goodies while playing games. They enhance the power of the main character or make the rounds easy in many different ways. Maybe you will get your hands on a special weapon or tool, or find upgrades to them. These goodies can also make your character immortal or give you the power to see through walls. 

So if you are finding your games easy, it is time that you don’t use the upgrades. For example, if the monsters in your Minecraft game are not dangerous enough, then try fighting them without eating the food or berries. 

Use a timer 

If there is not an element of urgency in a game, then you can inject some by yourself. You can use a timer to test your gaming skills. 

Having a lot of time at hand means people will be careful and take all the important precautions. However, if someone is trying to beat the clock, then they are likely to find themselves in sticky situations that could be thrilling and exciting. 

Stardew Valley is a hugely popular simulation role-playing video game that allows its players a lot of freedom. However, this open-ended game can feel a little boring for some people as it doesn’t offer a great challenge. Therefore, for spicing up the experience, one can try to complete the ordinary tasks of growing crops and crafting goods, etc. in a specific amount of time. 

Make special rules for yourself 

In every video game we are bound to follow certain rules. However, you can create your own rules to render the levels harder and more challenging. For example, your enemies in the game will be far harder to kill if you force yourself to shoot them only in the feet, or you restrain from using your special weapons. 

And instead of using stealth techniques, you can fight your enemies in the open. Or if you consider yourself a real pro, then you can try clearing the rounds without killing your enemies. 

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