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Fortnite launched their huge rocket in-game and now rifts are consuming the map

Up, up, and away.

The battle royale genre can get a bit stale when dealing with an individual title. Jump, land, die, repeat. Fortnite has done a great job of curbing that, with various challenges and limited-time modes and weapons – all of which helps keep the game fresh and fun.

The latest example of this would be the rocket that recently launched in-game over the weekend, cracking the dome of the playing area and alluding to more changes coming to the game in the upcoming Season 5. Gamers everywhere stopped fighting to watch the rocket, while some took advantage of the distraction, with one player netting 48 kills by destroying a giant viewing platform gamers had constructed to watch the rocket.

The rocket has been a long time coming, having been hinted at during Season 4, but we’ll have to wait until Season 5 to see what changes will come. Personally, I believe a new map (or possibly a huge change to the current map) is on the way, and breaking the dome above the current island seems to be a great way to get to that new map. It could lead way to the mysterious Leviathan that has been hinted at previously, and with the Lonely Lodge’s time rift actually consuming things, we could see large changes to the current map.

Lonely isn’t the only location with rifts, as there is now a rift near Anarchy Acres, as well. Some are saying we’re about to experience time-hopping, with some scenes from the recently deleted, official Fortnite trailer revealing the Playground mode showing scenes that looked to be from the wild, wild west.

Fortnite continues to take the world by storm, while gamers continue to run from the storm in-game. While some Twitch viewing stats show the game is losing a bit of steam, with Season 5 releasing in less than two weeks, those numbers should jump back up a bit.

Do you play Fortnite? Are you excited for season five? Let us know in the comments.

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