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Four reasons for poor car acceleration: Diagnostic tips

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Anyone will be upset by the fact that his or her car has lost its agility and acceleration dynamics. Instead, it has got an engine speed drop. There are many possible reasons that lead to unstable operation, but it is necessary to identify the one that led to the engine speed drop.

We have singled out four main reasons why the car loses in speed. In most cases, it requires the replacement of spare parts that can be found at Besides, the most essential technical data and info about a vehicle can be found there.

1)  Fueling System Dysfunction

No matter, your auto may have a petrol or diesel engine, and in case you notice that it doesn’t gain speed, the primary thing you have to inspect is the fueling system:

  • In cars on gasoline, the purpose of bad speeding may be the gasoline pump dysfunction. It is also necessary to pay attention to the mechanism of fuel distribution, and it does not matter if you have an injector or a carburetor under the hood.
  • RPM is also falling in diesel cars. It often happens, when there are troubles with fueling equipment and injectors. Lack of power is caused by problems with injectors and failure of plunger pairs of a high-pressure fueling pump. A tough issue for diesel engines is air leaks. Air can penetrate the fueling system via poor-quality seal washers or a crack in the fuel hose.
  • The fuel filter must be changed on time, this applies to both cars, diesel- or gasoline-fueled.

2) Ignition System Dysfunction

The bad acceleration often includes damaged spark plugs, ignition coil or high-voltage spark plug wires. In injector engines, the moment of fuel injection and spark supply depends on correctly set timing marks. If the marks do not coincide with the gas distribution mechanism, there is no reason to expect a good speeding.

The cause of the drop in speed can also be in failed car indicators that transmit incorrect data. To identify a failed indicator, the best option will be to make a diagnostic.

3)  Air Supply Dysfunctions

The simplest thing to influence the proper work of the auto is the careless attitude. The air filter must be changed approximately every six months.

Air leakage affects the loss of driving speed. The reason for this is the incorrect intake of the fuel-air mixture, since the computer calculates the air intake based on the data transmitted from the mass airflow indicator, and, in fact, more air flows influence the fuel-air mixture depletion.

4)  Exhaust System Failures

The reason for the loss of agility may be a clogged catalyst in autos with a gasoline engine, which makes it difficult to exhaust. This task is solved by replacing the catalyst that can become a costly investment.

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