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Four tech accessories you never knew you needed

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In today’s tech-saturated world, it’s not unusual to leave the house with three or four gadgets tucked into your pockets or stowed in your backpack. Likewise, modern houses are filled to the brim with the latest in integrated technology from laptops, gaming consoles, smart fridges, smart TVs, home assistance devices, and many more.

And while these gadgets no doubt benefit and enhance our everyday living, sometimes they needed an added boost in order to improve their functionality. It’s for that reason that we’ve put together this article of tech accessories you never knew you needed.

Portable Smartphone Charger

How often have you been out only to look down in horror and realize that your phone only has five percent of its battery life left? If this has happened to you more than one then you absolutely have to invest in a portable smartphone charger.

The lithium-ion technology powering these power banks has come a long way in the last couple of years, to the point where certain models can recharge your phone ten times over. Of course, that might be a little overkill, but you can still definitely find a power bank to suit your uses. The Anker PowerCore is a good place to start – a 26800MaH smartphone charger able to charge most devices up to six times from a trusted and reputable brand.

Smart-TV Wall Mount

If you have a smart TV you’ve probably set it up on top of a bureau or cabinet with whatever mount it came with. But doing it this way is a disservice. Not only is this a lazy way or setting it up, but you’re invariably left with a snaking mess of cables that are difficult to hide.

If room aesthetic or general organization is important to you, then you may want to consider buying a wall mount for your smart TV. These TV brackets available from companies like Vogel, allow you to position your smart TV at perfect viewing height, hide unnecessary cables, and also tilt for the best viewing angle.

Whoop Strap Fitness Tracker

If you’re active, like to go for the occasional run, or are just a nerd about any kind of data, then a fitness tracker is going to be the perfect tech accessory for you. In addition to reading your vitals and stats, the Whoop Strap collects data about how well you sleep, how quickly you recover from exercise as well as how much you exert yourself. It’s the all-in-one powerhouse of data collection to allow you to completely optimize your workouts. 

Tile Mate

Everyone is familiar with the sensation and frustration of losing their keys from time to time. But thanks to modern technology you never have to worry about this particular circumstance again. The Tile Mate is an ingenious tech accessory that ensures you will never misplace your keys or anything else for that matter.

It attaches to any keyring or backpack and rings loudly when activated by an app on your phone. The battery lasts for up to a year and it can be activated as long as you’re within a 120m of it. That means that as long as you remember to change the battery annually, you’ll never lose any of your belongings ever again.

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