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Frankie Quiroz reveals 3 Facebook marketing mistakes you should avoid

Although Facebook provides you with an audience of thousands of prospective customers, you need to be careful with what you post and when you post.

frankie quiroz
Image: Frankie Quiroz

Do numbers fascinate you? Do you check your every minute after changing your display picture? If yes, you will do the same after every post you upload from your company’s Facebook page. Your ultimate objective is to improve your brand’s visibility. You think that the more likes your posts get, the more people will know about your business

According to Frankie Quiroz, that’s where you make your first mistake. Frankie runs an online automotive apparel company with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. And while it may sound surprising, he promotes his brand only via social media. 

Facebook blunders to avoid

With more than 2.6 billion active users on Facebook, you may see it as a golden platform to promote your brand. But you need to use it cleverly.

Frankie points out four blunders that new entrepreneurs often make while marketing their business on Facebook.

  1. Too much promotion

It is easy to feel overjoyed with your company’s accomplishments. You may want to share your achievements with your followers on Facebook immediately. This may turn into an instinctive habit. Frankie advises you not to overdo it. Your Facebook followers would want posts that connect them with your brand. If your posts don’t offer much value to them, they may not want to like or share them after a while. 

While you may feel excited to share the news of reaching ten thousand followers, your audience wouldn’t appreciate similar posts if they keep coming frequently. Promoting something multiple times may not strike the chord among your audience.

  1. Only focusing on likes

It is true that winning “likes” means your post has reached a significant number of your target audience successfully. But Frankie wants you to focus on brand advocates and not just on likes. Brand advocates will share your posts with their networks, thus promoting your brand for free. This is exactly what he had done while marketing his online automotive apparel company. He had focused on the number of shares his posts got. Then, he tracked these results along with the increase in the number of followers. 

You can do the same thing on Facebook. Compare the likes with the number of shares and then see if your follower base is growing or not. This will mean that the shares are influencing new people to follow your brand.

  1. Writing lengthy posts

While Facebook users may write posts that take 15 minutes to read, you shouldn’t follow the same concept for your business page. Frankie, from his experience, says that your audience only gives you a few seconds to impress. They will immediately move to the next post if they see too many words. He suggests that promotional posts on Facebook should stay within 80 characters or less. The shorter the post, the more chances you create for your followers to read it and share it instantly. 

Also, you should keep your followers in the loop of whatever you plan next. Like if you wouldn’t post anything for some time, let them know the specific period until when you will be gone. Your followers will appreciate this effort.

Although Facebook provides you with an audience of thousands of prospective customers, you need to be careful with what you post and when you post. Frankie’s empire is all because of social media. You can achieve such results too if you don’t make the above mistakes. 

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