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From bullying victim to bullying prevention: How Sarah Nicole uses her personal experience to fight bullying

Sarah wants to encourage young people to tell their story and prevent their bad experience from continuing because of bullying

sarah nicole
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Measuring the consequences of bullying is a complex process. There are so many negative scenarios that can unleash this action that it is impossible to mention them all. One of its most extreme consequences can be the attempt against life when bullying reaches uncontrolled levels. The teenager Sarah Nicole, without a doubt, is a clear example of this.

Sarah’s story may be similar to that of many young people who silently live with bullying and harassment. A beautiful teenager, full of life, a little shy, but with a sweet spirit. Unfortunately, two years ago, she lived an experience that marked a before and after in her life.

She was barely enjoying her adolescence when she started being bullied in the place that was supposed to be safe for her: her school. The bullying against her was growing every day a little more.

This situation went unnoticed by teachers and others who could have prevented it. Her parents were unaware of everything that was happening in young Sarah’s world, because she, out of shame, insecurity, and fear, decided not to tell them.

Tired of all the physical and mental damage caused by this situation, and seeing no other way out, Sarah became a depressed young woman, who tried to attempt her life last year. Fortunately, she did not succeed and her mother was able to intervene in all the chaos her daughter was living through.

Making an Impact To Change

This situation undoubtedly transformed the life of Sarah and her family. Sarah’s mother assures us that it has not been easy since then. However, the will and desire to fight for her daughter’s life and well-being have kept her going from the very beginning.

Both Sarah and her mother are a clear example that it is your decision on how to handle every situation in life, no matter how difficult it is. Since living this negative experience, mother and daughter have focused on generating a campaign to make society aware of the fight against bullying and youth suicide.

Some time after the most critical episode in their lives, these two women started designing and marketing clothes with Sarah’s image, with the aim of telling her story. Making known the experience they have gone through and sharing with others how this has impacted and changed their lives, is a sign of great courage and residence.

Building Step by Step

Doing business under these circumstances has been a real challenge for Sarah and her mother. On the one hand, to overcome a shocking event in your life and have the courage to share it with other people, who may be in a similar situation and do not dare to tell you about it.

And, on the other hand, to keep the focus on how this experience can be transformative for your empowerment.

Sarah’s mother assures us that it has been a slow process, but with great teachings. Holding her daughter’s hand has been a challenge, but she points out that this experience has allowed them even more closeness and provided the courage to continue, with the certainty that they are doing the right thing.

With no experience in e-commerce, Sarah and her mother opened a place in this environment to share their designs with society and be able to tell the story of this young victim of harassment, which led her to depression and attempted suicide.

Believing To Grow

Sarah Nicole and her mother would never have imagined that this experience full of sadness and traumatic circumstances could lead them to see a light of hope. However, they find strength and drive in wanting to prevent others, especially young people, from going through a similar situation.

Furthermore, they seek to generate in society, parents, students, teachers, administrators, among others, the necessary interest in these issues and how to avoid them.

Through the marketing of their garments, Sarah wants to encourage young people to tell their story and prevent their bad experience from continuing because of bullying, which is why they are working to become an even more recognized brand and, above all, have the possibility of expanding to different parts of the world where bullying is a social problem today.    

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