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Gamified website marketing funnels are leading the way in Ecommerce

It’s important for businesses to understand that creating a marketing funnel of this nature takes time, and it needs to connect to the brand.

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Online businesses have evolved to be more effective and to better connect with customers. One thing that is definitely showing signs of potential is gamified website marketing funnels.

What is This?

Well, it is the combination of gamification and marketing funnels. An online business is simply trying to optimize engagement.

It seems obvious that online users engage with actions similar to a game. If a business integrates gamification with the sales process, it nurtures a sale, making it easier for customers to finish the order.

Now, it’s important for businesses to understand that creating a marketing funnel of this nature takes time, and it needs to connect to the brand. A big part of this marketing tool is ensuring that it’s personalized, and there are a few companies willing to take the time to do the grunt work, like Convincely and others.

Why do Online Businesses Need the Help?

An online business needs to invest in conversion. Just driving traffic to the site is not enough. New customers are always welcomed, but cultivating recurring customers is what every online business wants, and that is the reason gamification matters since it’s an effective tool.

A company that sees a plateau in sales or in growth should stop investing so much in ads because it’s time to concentrate on getting those sales through the finish line, which has been done by many other online businesses, thanks to gamified website marketing funnels.

‍The reality is that customer experience through gamification actually starts before customers even come to the company’s page. It starts with the ad and the way the business caught the potential customer’s attention.

A holistic approach is taken at this point to understand the data from this individual that helps create a unique experience for him or her. The data is taken from all sources being used by the business, be it Facebook or Google, just to name a few. Once the data is collected, the gamified website is better prepared for each customer.

Some online businesses make the mistake of thinking the analytic tools they are using are already doing all they can to unify data collected from different platforms, but that is not the case. Some of the data collected can help the right team discover missed opportunities that could have turned into a sale, except a potential customer hit a snag along the way. This is usually done through A/B testing.

If you don’t know, A/B testing is done to help you figure out what works on a site and what doesn’t. This normally happens by comparing two versions of the site that could focus on marketing or some other aspect of a site.

The entire purchasing process can be tested this way as well as things as small as a headline or title. The visitors are tested to see which version works best. Half of the online people who visit the company’s site will see one version, and the other half will see something else. The metrics are going to be reviewed along with the conversion rate during A/B testing.

Discovering these snags helps data collecting platforms address the potential issue and make the process more effective. A gamified website is a learning website as well. It collects data long after it’s been implemented to help optimize each sale.

What needs to be pointed out is that customers may be predictable sometimes but not all the time. Patterns can change, and because change is possible, having a learning website improves the chances of being able to keep up with these changes and stay profitable.

There is no telling what other steps online businesses need to take to improve conversion rates and also compete with the rest of their online competitors, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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