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Gaming peripherals every gamer should invest in

Basic gaming peripherals, such as the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, will not just cut it in a competitive gaming environment.

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After finishing setting up your computer, you are ready to dive in and enjoy your games. However, to truly play your games the way you want to, you will need some gaming accessories. Basic computer peripherals, such as the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, will not just cut it in a competitive gaming environment.

Any true gamer, especially those who play competitive online multiplayer games, should invest in high-quality gaming accessories. Yes, gamers will probably spend not just money but also the time in choosing the right tools. To fully enjoy the “next level of immersion,” here are some of the must-have computer accessories that every gamer should have.

Gaming Headset

One of the most common frustrating experiences for gamers is when trying to talk and communicate with their online teammates using a low-quality microphone and substandard headphones. Even when using the best gaming rigs, if the headset is bad, it’s not going to be a fun experience. To be able to connect with teammates clearly, especially during game clashes or other critical times, a gamer must have a high-quality gaming headset.

Extra Controller and Controller Charging Station

Playing video games solo can be fun, but inviting friends over to compete with each other is better. This is why most gamers invest in one or two extra controllers. Make sure that these extra controllers can be synced to the console that you are using, whether it is an Xbox One, a PS4, or a desktop.

Gamers should also have a controller charging station because it is very easy to forget to charge those controllers after a fun video game marathon. If you need some good suggestions, learn more about the controllers at iThingum.

4K TV (for consoles) or The Right Monitor (for computers)

The Xbox One S and PS4 Pro now support media playback and 4K gaming. A 4K TV makes a big difference especially when playing the current games with their high-definition graphics. Experience a more immersive gameplay as you explore fantasy worlds, shoot down enemies, or play NBA Live.

For gamers that prefer to play on their computers, it is important to have a monitor that has a high resolution to capture the essence and graphics of their games.

The Right Mousepad

Computer gaming with the wrong mousepad can be very frustrating. It is like playing football with slippers. Having the right mousepad will give gamers enough friction when scrolling their mouse. They can also easily navigate their way across the screen. Some mousepads even have comfy decks on the wrist and the arm.


A gamer’s mouse is not equal to the ordinary mice that one can find in offices and schools. A gaming mouse should have higher precision for more fluid and swift in-game interactions. Look for a mouse that has a higher dots per inch (dpi) setting and additional function buttons.

Gaming mice can be a bit more expensive than the regular ones. However, they are worth the investment for people who love to play their games.

External Hard Drive

Today’s games are impressive than ever. They have high-resolution graphics, quality sound, immersive gameplay, and creative storylines. However, modern games are so big that they can take a big chunk of the hard drive’s capacity.

One solution for this is to open up the game console to replace the internal storage. However, this can be dangerous and expensive. The more practical solution is to buy a decent external hard drive. You can save your games in the external hard drive and simply connect it to your console or computer when playing.

Have Fun

These accessories will allow gamers to enjoy their games more. However, these peripherals will do nothing if the computer you use is subpar. Make sure to build the best gaming PC with the right parts. And after all else, always remember that it is just a game. So have fun.

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