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Generating hot leads for local tradesmen with Google’s call-only ads

Google call-only ads enable local businesses to encourage customers to call them directly. You can also track multiple metrics.

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For every tradesman, the ringing of their phone is always good because it indicates making sales.

However, your phone might not be ringing a lot anymore. Technological advancement has made it easy for customers to reach you without even making a single call.

Even though this might be good, local tradesmen might not like it. They like talking to potential customers instead of meeting them over the internet and engaging via emails or online chats.

Fortunately, Google’s call-only ads have made it easy for local tradesmen to talk with their potential customers via calls. Your customers can access you through multiple channels too.

But how can you generate hot leads with Google’s call-only ads?

Use a local VoIP number

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The first mistake tradesmen make is using any phone number when interacting with their customers. They forget that they need to create a local presence for their customers depending on where they operate.

A local phone number improves the visibility and credibility of a business in a certain region. It helps customers identify with a business. Customers would rather buy products or pay for services from a business that they can reach easily.

Luckily, tradesmen can get a local VoIP phone number assigned to specific regions or areas. These phone numbers come with designated area codes that separate states, cities, or regions from each other. It is easier to generate leads with a local phone number than with an international one.

Track phone call conversion

Would you be able to see any change in business calls generated by your advertising efforts without setting up a way to track phone call conversion?

Definitely no! Tracking your calls ensures that you know the calls that were a result of the original ad you placed on Google.

With proper call analytics, you will be able to see the keywords that brought the calls, locations where they come from, and other metrics that could be very helpful to your marketing techniques.

Fortunately, Google’s call-only ads come with a call tracking feature that you can simply turn on.

Once you turn this feature on, your phone number is replaced with a Google Forwarding Number that collects all the information that you need.

Use an engaging call-to-action


Using Google’s call-only ads requires one to ensure that they have used an engaging call-to-action that can persuade a potential customer to make the call. This is one art that should never be forgotten.

Even though you should make your phone number the most visible and largest element in your ad, you can also add two headlines below the phone number. Make sure that these headlines can talk to a customer and persuade them to make the call.

If you would like to, you also have the chance to include at most two lines to describe your business and what you do. You can use this opportunity to make your ad interesting or even add propositions, values, and offers.

Schedule ads to when you are available

Even though this might seem so obvious, how many times have you called a business only to find that the number you are calling is not available? Investing your money in Google’s call-only ads means that you are serious about generating hot leads.

You should, therefore, make sure that your ads are only displayed when you are available.

It is important to note that potential customers will turn to your competitors if they cannot reach you even if they found your business via call-only ads.

As discussed above, you need to make sure that you are collecting call analytics to get different metrics from your calls. After doing that, it is important to make use of the reports generated from your call tracking efforts.

To get started, call tracking will help you identify the keywords that are bringing in more calls and those that are not. With this data, you can bid more on the keywords that are bringing calls and ignore those that are not.

Using advanced intelligence solutions, you can collect more call metrics such as the location of your callers, call durations, trending topics in the time of calls, and even record calls. These are things that you can incorporate into your marketing techniques to generate hot leads.

In conclusion, local tradesmen can transform their businesses by investing in modern technological solutions.

One of these solutions is Google’s call-only ads, a solution for those who would like to sell to potential customers via a call. However, always remember to use a local phone number when talking to your customers.

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