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This Boston-based app is like ‘Hotel Tonight’ but for dinner reservations

GoPapaya is a unique smartphone application which answers the age old questions, “Where would you like to eat?” and “Did you make reservations?”

GoPapaya is a Boston-based last-minute restaurant reservation app that provide diners with discounts for arriving within 30 minutes.

GoPapaya is a unique smartphone application which answers the age old questions, “Where would you like to eat?” and “Did you make reservations?” The Boston based company’s app is trying to give potential users more options when trying to go out for the night.

GoPapaya co-founder Zachary Weiss wanted users to stop taking their time when deciding on a place.

“We realized when people ask, ‘where should we go to eat,’ takes too much time,” Weiss chuckles. “Going out to eat should always be a fun time, not a chore.”

How does GoPapaya work?

The app is a utilizes a partnership between a restaurant and the app user. GoPapaya is similar to many reservation apps, but focuses more on getting a quick booking within a particular restaurant.

A user will have to turn on their location settings on their smartphone before booting up the app. Once GoPapaya is up and ready to go, a list of restaurants will be made available to choose from. Each of them will require the user to put in how many people are in their party. The app does ask its users to arrive within 30 minutes before being seated. It is made for last-minute reservations after all.

The app is giving its users the option to find a particular place to grab a bite with last-minute reservations. The company behind the app has paired up with a little over sixty restaurants in the Boston area. Weiss and his team wanted to give their users, and anyone curious, the choice to try something new.

“We wanted to create a number of different options,” says Weiss. “Whether it’s a fine dine experience, going out for some dumplings or getting a chicken parm.”

Restaurants can also pair up with GoPapaya for free. Weiss takes note of the potential business growth for several eateries around the city.

“There’s an opportunity to help restaurants to gain business and bring in business,” he says. “We’ve offered an incentive for them to sign up with us as well.

About the team behind the app


GoPapaya is co-founded by Weiss and his developer partner, Marik Marshak, The team behind the app is combining their efforts to try and give their users the best eating out experience, despite short notice. Many of their developers do have experience working in kitchens, but most of the feedback they receive is from the restaurants and frequent eaters.

The name itself actually comes from a brainstorming session Weiss and Marshak had.

“We wanted create a sense of immediacy with the word ‘go,’” Weiss says. “And the Papaya was something creative and fun.” He adds with a laugh, “It weirdly rolls off the tongue.”

The developers behind GoPapaya have extensive technology-related backgrounds, but Marik himself was the former Director of Engineering at Dell/EMC, along with holding several other positions, for several years.

GoPapaya is now available for both iOS and Android

While the iOS version of GoPapaya has been available for a little under a year, the Android version was released on January 23rd, 2017. The developers have experience in creating apps for iOS and Android, and they find benefits with each platform.

The GoPapaya app is a free download on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.


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