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Get new ideas and share your best looks with the all-new Dress’d app

Fashion looks are a common sight in all social networks, but Dress’d, a new social network, really dedicates to this subject and helps people getting ideas.

Social networks are one of the hottest trends in the technological world, attracting millions of users from all over the globe. It allows people and brands to share several types of content, and in different media such as photographs or videos.

One of the things people most like to share is, without any doubt, fashion. Whether it is what they are wearing that day or others’ looks to give and share inspiration, fashion is a common sight in every day’s shares, coming from the most varied users. Knowing this, Ryan Siney decided to leverage that subject and built his own platform and social network dedicated to fashion.

Dress’d, as it is called, is a social network devoted for anyone wanting to share outfit pictures. Based in Philadelphia, PA, this platform aims to become the standard for sharing outfits and clothing, instead of having those pictures scattered across the other conventional social networks.

Essential to the app’s functionality is the LookBook – the place where outfits are posted to. Users can navigate through specific styles and brands, allowing for their experience to become more suited to their personal taste. In addition, and just like what happens which all social networks, connecting with friends is also an important part of Dress’d, making it possible for users to send and receive advice about what they should wear, for example, for a special occasion.

This feature is used by snapping an outfit picture and sending it to friends. Along with the picture goes an expiration deadline, so that everyone knows the time when a person needs to make a final decision about what to wear. As someone puts it, “deciding between two pairs of shoes at the mall has never been so convenient”.

Dress’d will be launched on the App Store on November 19th, at 5 pm EST to be exact, and can be downloaded for free on all Apple’s smartphones rolling iOS 10 or above. The app will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom and New Zealand, so be sure to take it for a spin if you happen to live on one of those locations.

Meanwhile, check out what is being done by visiting the Instagram and Facebook pages of Dress’d.

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